UFC: Fight Island poster

We had the distinct honor of designing an official poster for UFC's Fight Island, happening throughout the month of July 2020 on Abu Dhabi's Yas Island. Our own Mike Davis and Wes Winship created a fantasy island filled with beach fun and UFC personalities enjoying the sunshine and getting into assorted tropical hijinx. We enlisted the help of our talented friend Bird Peterson to help us knock out the illustration work.

Posters, shirts, beach towels (!) and more featuring this artwork can be purchased from UFC's online store.

X Games 2019

Poster design for the 2019 X Games, held in Minneapolis. Mike Davis and Wes Winship turned downtown Minneapolis into a free-for-all skateboard / BMX / motocross park with tons of hidden local celebrities, X Games athletes and crew, plus all kinds of locals-only Easter eggs. This design appeared on billboards, skateboard deck, merchandise, and even a Metro Transit lightrail train in the Twin Cities leading up to gates opening on August 1st!

Milkjam Creamery

Logo design, environmental graphics, signage, and merchandise design for Milkjam Creamery, an ice cream venture from Minneapolis' world-renowned chef Sameh Wadi. Our own Mike Davis worked with Chef Wadi to create an identity system that's fun, but also sophisticated. Light-up exterior sign and menu board produced by Sign Minds in Northeast Minneapolis.

Grand Catch

When World Street Kitchen / Milkjam Creamery mastermind chef Sameh Wadi approached us about designing the branding and interior artwork for his team's next restaurant, we immediately hopped on board! Grand Catch is a tribute to seafood boils, drawing inspiration from traditional Cajun recipes as well as Vietnamese-Cajun fusion styles.

For the design, Mike Davis went for a clean, contemporary approach with some nods to New Orleans, producing a wide range of items including the exterior signage, interior neon signs, a wheatpasted mural made of screenprinted posters, food and drink menus, and over 20 original framed art pieces.

Stop by 1672 Grand Ave in Saint Paul to see and taste it yourself!

Karl-Anthony Towns poster

We were hired by the crew from Phenom Gallery to create a poster for the Minnesota Timberwolves, highlighting their new City Edition jerseys. Mike and Wes pulled from the jersey's playful color scheme and designed this super hot poster with star player Karl-Anthony Towns front and center. Signed and numbered screen printed posters are available through the Timberwolves' online store.

Dip Dip Dip Ice Cream

Fresh design work for Dip Dip Dip, an adventurous ice cream stand from Austin-based Japanese food wizard Tatsu Aikawa. Our own Mike Davis built this wild world of brightly colored characters for the outdoor kiosk which serves up scoops of exciting flavors like ube, matcha, and black pepper yuzu. If you’re in our favorite bat-filled city, head over to check it out!

Wes Winship: Nina Simone

Over the past several years, our own Wes Winship has been diving deep into the world of painting large portraits of musicians and other creative icons. You may have encountered his Prince and Lizzo pieces at Rosedale Center, Frida Kahlo at Nico's Taco & Tequila Bar, his Atmosphere and Prof paintings at Fifth Element, or seen him painting live at X Games, SXSW, and Open Streets.

For the first time, we're offering a high quality giclée print of Wes' intricately-detailed and uniquely stylized portrait of the legendary jazz and R&B musician, Nina Simone. Originally painted in 2018 as an 6 x 6 ft portrait, this 16 x 16" print captures all of the bold colors and stunning details of the original painting.

16 x 16"
giclée print on bright white acid-free cotton rag paper
signed + numbered edition of 50 prints

Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood

Growing up obsessed with pro wrestling in the late '80s / early '90s, this was a dream design gig for designer Mike Davis. Featured here are the stars of Wrestlemania 39, two-time and current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his Bloodline crew, Jey + Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, and sniveling little manager Paul Heyman.

This artwork was created for the fine folks at Phenom Gallery, screen printed by Ben LaFond with metallic gold ink, and signed + numbered by Mike. Prints are available through Phenom Gallery.

Wrestlemania I

Growing up obsessed with pro wrestling during the Hulkamania era, this was a dream design gig for Mike Davis. Featured here are the two legendary headliners of the first Wrestlemania, held at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1985.

This artwork was created for the fine folks at Phenom Gallery, screen printed by Ben LaFond with metallic gold ink, and signed + numbered by Mike. Prints are available through Phenom Gallery.

Alphabet Print

Originally designed by Mike Davis on the arrival of his first niece in 2007, this design has become one of our all-time best-sellers. This large format, brightly-colored print featuring all 26 letters of the alphabet and would make a great gift for your niece, nephew, son, daughter, or grandchild. It would also look fantastic in your elementary school classroom or even in your design studio! No kids needed!

The Alphabet print went on to inspire a set of Alphabet keychains released by Kidrobot as well as the "Mighty Match" mobile app (find it in the Apple app store).

24 x 36"
6 color screenprint on acid-free, archival white paper
Signed and numbered edition of 200
Ninth printed edition

Designed by Mike Davis
Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Regular price $30.00 Sale

Atmosphere: Se7en Shows

To celebrate the re-release of their Headshots "Se7en" album, Minneapolis' hometown heroes Atmosphere performed seven shows on seven consecutive nights at Minneapolis' 7th Street Entry. Get it? Se7en? Seven's Travels? Sept Sev?

Aaah anyways, Wezz designed and printed this beautiful poster for the one-city minitour and it is now available to you! He's actually printing them right now as this is being updated! I totally just talked to him on the phone! Eeeeeeee!

19 x 25"
4 color screenprint
Signed & numbered by Wes Winship
Edition of 400 (300 black paper/100 brown paper)

Minneapolis Map

After three long years of researching and illustrating buildings, landmarks, trees, parks, bikes, and buses, Mike Davis' high detailed, vectorized love letter to the city of Minneapolis is complete and ready to adorn your favorite wall. First Avenue, Nye's, Foshay Tower, Midtown Global Market, Love Power Church... they're all here. That's right - Mike chipped away at this illustrated map between October 2014 and August 2017. Over that course of time, several buildings and businesses featured on the map ceased to exist, but their memories are honored right here.

Second printed edition

24 x 36"
6 color screenprint on French Construction Cement Green paper
Signed and numbered edition of 400

Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz

Regular price $30.00 Sale

Arcade Fire: NYC Fall 2007

Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem teamed up to take over New York, so Wes Winship created an electric Metropolis cityscape. Feel it.

19 x 25"
3 color screenprint on French paper
Signed and numbered edition of 590

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Mike Davis: Outer Space

3... 2... 1... LIFTOFF! This all new out-of-this-world print was designed by Mike Davis for Modist Brewing Co's 3rd anniversary party ... which was also a fundraiser for MN-based science and math education non-profit Reach For The Stars ... and ALSO a group exhibit of space-themed art prints by Twin Cities artists.

Mike's Outer Space print offers a collection of space exploration tools, celestial bodies, and cosmic phenomena which all keep us curious about everything that's way out there. 

18 x 24"
5 color screenprint on Cougar white paper
Signed and numbered edition of 100

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond 

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this print will be donated to Reach For The Stars.

Modist Brewing can design

After a successful first year run of making beer in their brand new downtown Minneapolis facility, Modist Brewing entered the world of canned beer. They approached Burlesque to have us put our magical touch on designing the labels for their first two tallboy can releases, First Call and Dreamyard.

Currently the #1 ranked pale lager in the world on Untappd.com, First Call is a celebration of everyone's favorite AM beverage (coffee) and favorite PM beverage (you guess it). It's a 24 hour beer with a 24 hour visual component. Mike Davis captures the historic confluence of coffee and beer by exploring visualizations of day vs night, light vs dark, and the sun vs the moon – all depicted in stark black and white graphics.

This is a hazy, juicy American IPA, created almost entirely of oats and wheat. A "dreamyard" is imagined to be a place where original thoughts, dreams, and desires are grown and harvested into reality. In the Dreamyard artwork, Wes Winship builds on this concept by creating a psychedelic, mystical, colorful, and cool dream world.

pHresh is a light ale that strikes the perfect balance between full-flavored and easy-drinking. It offers hints of lemon, honeydew, and strawberry and an approachable tart finish. Available just in time for summer, it pairs perfectly with patios / lakes / backyards / nature. Mike and Wes teamed up to deliver a brightly-colored celebration of Summer through a melange of layered and torn patterns and textures.

Modist German Fatcap can designs

This is the fifth official tallboy can released by Minneapolis' Modist Brewing Company and we were honored to design the artwork for this one as the theme is near and dear to our hearts.

German Fatcap is a crisp, malty Oktoberfest beer. For the can design, Wes Winship and Mike Davis ran with the spraypaint-inspired name and pulled off a tribute to a classic American spray can design. On the back, there's not one, but FOUR different custom NYC subway trains decked out in four unique graffiti styles.

Red Bull Flying Bach infographic

Infographic / calendar for Red Bull Flying Bach's 2016-2017 US tour. Red Bull Flying Bach combines the breakdancing of the Flying Steps crew with a live performance of Bach's "Well Tempered Clavier" for a surprisingly seamless and totally unique live show.

This graphic follows the show's tour dates across the U.S. while pointing out notable facts from each stop along the way.

Target HQ window display

In January 2011, Target filled the windows of their downtown Minneapolis headquarters with designs created by local artists. Our own Mike Davis was among the 6 chosen to create a bullseye-based design. Here is his celebration of the arts in big bold Target colors.

Target Home Social graphics

Editorial illustrations celebrating the final days of Summer 2013 on Target's Home Social blog. Brightly colored vector illustrations by Mike Davis.

Popular Mechanics tote bag

The century+ old magazine Popular Mechanics brought their interactive event The Lodge to downtown Minneapolis in July 2019 for a day of hand-on making, learning, and shopping from local vendors. We were asked to create a design for tote bags which were printed live on the spot. Mike Davis' design captures the spirit of getting lost in the shop for the weekend, drafting, building, measuring, measuring again, cutting, drilling, painting, and jamming all the way out.

Toyota Presents: Exhibit Love

Logo, branding, and signage design for Toyota's EXHIBIT LOVE promotional tent and event during the 2018 Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA.

Malala art print

Here is Wes Winship's gorgeous tribute to education and human rights activist and international icon Malala Yousafzai.

18 x 24"
3 color screenprint on French Whitewash paper
Signed + numbered edition of 50 prints

Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this art print will be donated to Malala Fund.

Tools Of The Trade

Here's a special dedication to the lovers and collectors of electronic musical gadgets, gizmos, pedals, beat machines, and dusty analog cassettes and records. Mike Davis has assembled some of his favorite vintage noisemaking paraphernalia and created vector illustrations of all of them. Prited in warm vintage colors, this poster will look perfect hanging up in your studio, next to your own collection of music-making machines that keep you up all night.

Featured in GQ's "The 13 Best Posters For Your Dorm Room"
Featured on Season 2 / Episode 12 of FOX's "Empire"

18 x 24"

9th printed edition
5 color screenprint on French Construction Whitewash paper
Signed and numbered edition of 100

Design by Mike Davis
Screen printed by Adam Hile

Regular price $35.00 Sale

Food Pyramid

A delicious mountain of food, completely unsanctioned by the Food & Drug Administration. Created as part of Snacks Quarterly's Fall 2014 issue. SQ is a new online magazine of writing and illustrations for snackers by snackers. Past issues have included contributions from Aaron Draplin, Paul Scheer, Little Friends of Printmaking, Sean Morris, and many others. Designed by Mike Davis.

18 x 24"
4 color screenprint on Cougar white paper
Signed and numbered edition of 150 

Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz

Regular price $25.00 Sale

Arcade Fire: Reflektor Tour Poster #4

Here is poster #4 in our Arcade Fire "Reflektor" tour print series. Picking up where he left off with the Death mask, Wes Winship designed and hand-crafted a papier-mâché likeness of Joan Of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc, ah-ooooh!). With the huge help of Sarah Schatz (who burned about all ten of her fingers hot gluing that foil hair together) and Xochitl Perez, this head was meticulously sculpted, painted, decorated, and photographed right here in our studio.

19 x 25"
4 color screenprint w/ metallic blue ink on acid-free, archival paper
Signed and numbered edition of 150 

Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz

Regular price $25.00 Sale

Arcade Fire: Montreal 2011

Septermber 21 and 22, 2011 Arcade Fire performed their two final concerts for their 15+ month run of shows supporting their outstanding, Grammy and Juno-winning album "The Suburbs." We designed and printed posters for this tour that started Summer 2010 - that's 27 posters for Arcade Fire all in a row. Yowza.

Wes Winship brought it super tough on this final design, showing that 1980 Mercedes from "The Suburbs" album cover having taken a hell of a toll after a year on the road driving cross-country, overseas, and back and all over again then finally back home to Montréal. 

19 x 25"
4 color screenprint on French Whitewash paper
Signed and numbered edition of 150

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Arcade Fire: Canada Spring 2007

Wes sends a young lady walking across a tightrope as Arcade Fire's fans watch them travel across Canada.

19 x 25"
3 color screenprint on French paper

Arcade Fire: Chicago Spring 2007

Three nights in a row at the historic Chicago Theatre! This print, designed by Wes Winship, can be cut up and turned into thaumatrope toy.

19 x 25"
3 color screenprint on French paper

Arcade Fire: West Coast Fall 2005

Wes' mechanical flying insect machine, made just for Arcade Fire and their run of Fall 2005 West Coast tour dates.

Signed & numbered by Wes Winship
Edition of 375

Arcade Fire: Saint Paul 2010

After designing and printing a solid run of tour posters for Arcade Fire's Summer 2010 live dates throughout Europe and the U.S., we are excited to finally create a print exclusively for their Septermber 22nd performance in our very own Twin Cities! This is like a homecoming for us and the concert at The Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul was incredible.

19 x 25"
4 color screenprint on French paper
Signed and numbered edition of 150

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Arcade Fire: Madison Square Garden 2010

One of Wes Winship's 2010 series of posters for Arcade Fire's tour in support of their record "The Suburbs," which hit #1 on the Billboard charts. This print is for the band's two night stint at New York's Madison Square Garden alongside Spoon. Night 1 of the concert was broadcast live on Youtube and we gotta say it was somethin' else.

19 x 25"
3 color screenprint on French paper
Signed and numbered edition of 150

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Arcade Fire: Berkeley 2010

Inspired by the patches on Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler's shirts during performances, Mike Davis designed this array of merit badges and souvenir patches lining the walls of a suburban basement.

19 x 25"
4 color screenprint on French paper
Signed and numbered edition of 150

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Been Busy: The Art & Graphic Design of Mike Davis

Our debut book features over 100 full color pages of 12+ years worth of concert posters, logos, illustrations, t-shirt designs, type treatments, doodles, and never-before-seen artwork from our very own Mike Davis. This book is a lifetime in the making and we are thrilled to be offering this self-published gem to you!

7 x 7"
104 full-color pages
100 lb. matte paper interior
Full-color printed hardcover
High quality Smythe-sewn binding
Printed and bound in North Mankato, MN
Foreword by Emmy® Award winning writer Steven Davis

Signed and numbered edition of 500 books

Regular price $30.00 Sale

Mike Davis: Cool Stuff City

Grab yourself a one-way ticket to COOL STUFF CITY, a major municipality with everything you need and nothing you don’t. A booming community of video games, noodle shops, records, snacks, neon signs, playing cards, books, and more Easter eggs than you’ll know what to do with, all designed by our own Mike Davis.

We debuted this art print at our February 2020 OUT HERE / OUT THERE exhibit at Portland Oregon's Talon Gallery and now it's available to you, you, and you!

18 x 24"
7 color screenprint on acid-free, archival white paper
signed + numbered edition of 76 prints

Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz

Regular price $30.00 Sale

Snoop Dogg print

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally created a concert poster for the one and only Snoop D-O-Double-G! Mike Davis went all out for Snoop's 4/20 performance at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre, where he lit up the stage alongside Wiz Khalifa and Cypress Hill.

We wanted to add something extra special to this poster, so we printed a not-so-secret glow-in-the-dark layer for you to trip out to.

18 x 24"
4 color screenprint on French Gumdrop Green paper

ft glow-in-the-dark ink
Signed + numbered edition of 75 prints

Artwork by Mike Davis
Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz

Mike Davis: Interpol at Palace Theatre

Indie dance rock outfit Interpol brought their 2022 U.S. tour to Saint Paul's Palace Theatre with Tycho and Matthew Dear on May 5th. Our own Mike Davis designed a poster for the show and we cooked up an exclusive colorway just for YOU, available only right here!

Dive deep inside and get lost in this super futuristic, geometric city with more little details to zoom in on than we can keep track of.

BRLSQ Edition details:
18 x 24"
4 color screen print on Domtar Cougar white paper with three fluorescent inks
signed + numbered edition of 70 prints

screen printed by Ben LaFond

Regular price $30.00 Sale

Poliça print

Here's our 2012 screenprinted poster for Minneapolis-based electronic soul outfit Poliça. Featuring a blazing hot who's-who lineup of some of our city's most beloved musicians, these guys exploded out the gate, taking not just the city but the entire nation by storm with their airy, dreamlike sounds.

Wes Winship's design captures the floating feeling of the group's music, perfect for a warm Summer night. This poster was released at Poliça's August 2012 concert outside The Cabooze where they performed alongside Supreme Cuts and Zoo Animal.

19 x 25"
3 color screenprint on French Dur-O-Tone Steel Grey paper
Signed and numbered edition of 50

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond and Wes Winship

Bonnaroo 2009

Mike Davis turns in another major poster for one of the most major Summer music festivals! This year's Bonnaroo featured a larger-than-life lineup with Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band, Phish, Beastie Boys, MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Al Green, Snoop Dogg, and the list goes on and on. Three colors including metallic purple! Chromed out!

19 x 25"
3 color screenprint w/ metallic purple ink on French paper
Signed and numbered

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Love From Uptown

Leading up to the opening of their eponymous restaurant / bar / indoor mini-golf course / record store / performance space / rooftop patio, the endlessly creative team from Arts + Rec hired us to create a graphic for their campaign to get people excited about Uptown Minneapolis. Mike Davis flexed his typographic muscles and LOVE FROM UPTOWN was born. It has been used as a sticker and shirt graphic, photo backdrop, and even a mural that locals of all ages helped paint during the 2022 Uptown Art Fair.

Do It To It

We've been wanting to release a vinyl record for years and finally did it! Here are five (5) red-hot dancefloor-ready remixes from some of our talented club music producers and DJs to coincide with our party of the same name going down around SXSW in Austin TX each year. These records feature slick packaging designed by Mike Davis which was screenprinted right in our shop and then die-cut and hand-assembled! Vinyl orders now come with FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of all five songs.

Mike the 2600 King "Give it to Me"
Bird Peterson "The Jump Off"
Dave Nada "Cream Dat"

Smalltown DJs "Party Like a Punk"
Cosmo Baker "Alice is a Sucker"

Don't miss the music video promo!!!

Regular price $10.00 Sale

DO IT TO IT 2 vinyl EP

Volume 2 of our vinyl remix EP series hits even harder with 6 face-melting Baltimore club-inspired tracks from some of our favorite producers. Created in conjunction with our party of the same name during SXSW 2009. Artwork designed by Mike Davis and screenprinted right here in our studio!

Bird Peterson "Torture Motherf*cker"
Dave Nada "JB Baby"
Emynd "Hold it Down 2009"

Wizard of Gaz "Preacher Man"
Tittsworth "I'm Rich"
Mike the 2600 King "Hold Up I'm Comin"

Don't miss the music video promo!!!

Regular price $10.00 Sale

DO IT TO IT 2018

Promotional artwork for our 2018 Do It To It event at the W Austin. We had two days of great DJs plus our friends from Serato showcasing some new products and filming DJ performances. The walls of the W's Living Room Lounge were lined with a few of our favorite screenprinted posters. For the event, Mike designed the main poster as well as a sheet of kiss-cut stickers as giveaways.

Bonnaroo 2014

Bonnaroo 2014 is now but a memory. Another huge weekend of larger-than-life musical performances, art happenings, and good times is behind us, but you can make it last forever with an official Bonnaroo poster designed and printed right here in our studio. Just look at that lineup: Elton John! Lionel Richie! Frank Ocean! The Flaming Lips! Chaka Khan! Chromeo! Ice Cube! Designed by Mike Davis.

18 x 24"
4 color screenprint on French Construction Whitewash paper
Signed and numbered edition of 100 

Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz

Fruits & Veggies Print

After all of the burger toys, best burger shirts, burger drawings, burger fonts, burger blogs, and burger eating parties, Mike Davis has turned his attention to the lighter side of food: delicious, wholesome, fresh fruits and vegetables. All of your favorites are illustrated here in a chunky 1970s style, screenprinted in vivid CMYK at a perfect size for your kitchen. Designed by Mike Davis.

19 x 12"
4 color screenprint on Cougar Natural paper
Signed by Mike Davis

Screenprinted by Adam Hile

Regular price $25.00 Sale

Kidrobot Alphabet! keychain set

Mike Davis' Alphabet print brought to life as 26 real life vinyl keychains and zipper pulls! Opening these for the first time was a dream come true.

Aziz Ansari

Wes Winship and Mike Davis recently tag-teamed this poster design for Aziz Ansari's April 25th 2012 show at Austin's Paramount Theatre, part of the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival.

Aziz is one of our favorite comedians, so this was a really fun one to work on. From his Shittiest Mixtape Contest to Human Giant to his hilarious standup specials to Parks & Recreation to Raaaaaaaandy to his guest spot as DRL on Bob's Burgers, Aziz's career has been a fun one to follow. If you missed your chance to grab a copy at the show, now you can pick up a copy from us!

Art by: Mike Davis & Wes Winship
Screenprinted by: Ben LaFond

19 x 25"
4 color print on French Butcher Blue paper

Regular price $20.00 Sale

Gods & Monsters print

Just in time for Halloween 2014, Minneapolis' Abstracted Gallery opened up their sixth annual Gods & Monsters art show. This collection of horror-themed artwork was capped off with a show poster designed and printed right here in our studio. We're offering both the full show version of the print as well as the art print version with the show title + details removed.

We set up a photo shoot and had two models recreate a gory scene inspired by both the decapitation of John The Baptist as well as the '70s psychedelic horror films of Dario Argento. Designed by Wes Winship and Mike Davis.

19 x 25"
4 color screenprint on Cougar white paper
Signed and numbered show edition of 26
Signed and numbered art print edition of 69

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Regular price $25.00 Sale

Go Vote MN branding

Logo and illustration for Go Media's non-partisan Go Vote MN campaign leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. The team behind Minneapolis' Go 95.3 and Go 96.3FM radio stations reached out to Burlesque to help create the look for their voter registration efforts. Our own Mike Davis began with their "go" lettering and built out from there, developing a brightly-colored and action-packed graphic system which popped up around town at events and Twins baseball games!

There were also two murals in the Cedar-Riverside and Lyn-Lake neighborhoods, painted by our own BRLSQ Public Works Division.

Wes Winship Obama print

After spending the greater part of 2008 printing Upper Playground's series of Obama posters, we were given the honor of designing our very own to then print and add to the collection, which included prints from Ron English, Dave Choe, Morning Breath, and many others. Here is Wes Winship's portrait of a pensive Barack Obama, his face emblazoned with words from his speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Celebrate our 44th president with style!

18 x 24"
5 color screenprint on Cougar white paper

Regular price $50.00 Sale

Bonnaroo 2008

Each year the Bonnaroo music and arts festival in Manchester TN gets bigger and bigger. This year's lineup, which featured dozens and dozens of performers including Burlesque favorites Metallica, Chris Rock, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, MSTRKRFT, and Tiësto, seemed to be so powerful that it caught the attention of the moon! That's right, THE moon! Designed by Wes Winship.

19 x 25"
3 color screenprint on French paper

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond