If you really wanna party with me...

2021 Holiday Sale at our new studio!

It's been a lonnnnnnnng year and, at long last, there's a LOT to celebrate. We would like to formally invite you all to come check out our brand new print shop / work space and explore hundreds of items for sale from our vast collection of books, tools, art supplies, artwork, magazines, records, and industrial bric-a-brac, plus our entire catalog of screenprinted posters and shirts as well as stickers, Field Notes, pins, playing cards, and more!

Forget the mall and Jeff Bezos' big dumb website. Find all kinds of great treasures for all the cool people on your holiday shopping list while saying hi to your friends and exploring our fancy new digs with snacks, drinks, and good music.

We are now proudly located in the Northern end of the BroTex building at 840 Hampden Ave in the Saint Paul Midway. That's right in the Creative Enterprise Zone!

Hoodies + Goodies!

We just added some new shirts and hoodies to our online store! A few familiar designs taking on new lives to keep you warm and stylish, all available to order now in our online store and printed on demand + shipped right to your doorstep by the good folks from Printful.

We're moving!

After calling Stinson & Broadway home for over 15 years, we've decided to pack things up and resituate ourselves in a new home. We have so many incredible memories from working and playing in our current location, but it's time to turn the page and begin a brand new chapter. We're finalizing our plans at the new location and can't wait to unveil it and start sharing more details!

If you're wondering why we haven't been announcing any new events at CO Exhibitions, well... we hope this explains it. We've been packing up books, prints, office and print supplies, and collectibles, and that gallery space has made for a hell of a storage / staging room. The good news is that you'll be seeing plenty of Burlesque / CO-produced art and entertainment events happening throughout the Twin Cities. We're excited to be collaborating with other venues and artists to put together a wide range of events showcasing a wide range of creative talent.

Stay tuned to our newsletter and Instagram to keep up to date with our plans.
A few things to expect...

- Photos of our new print shop and design office taking shape

- Opportunities to help us with the move
If you'd like to help out and earn some beer / pizza / posters / other goodies, please email us!

- Some kind of Welcome Party / Open House / Garage Sale once we're ready to open the doors and let everyone in.

Legacy Of Legerdemain cards are here!

After months of conceiving, researching, sketching, designing, and redesigning, our resident vector wizard and conjuring enthusiast Mike Davis created his very first deck of playing cards. Inspired by the history and craft of card magic as well as early handmade hip hop party flyers (two great tastes that taste great together), Legacy Of Legerdemain is a one-of-a-kind love letter to prestidigitation. Available now in our online store!

The cards were manufactured by the world famous United States Playing Card Company in Erlanger, KY using their super soft Thin Crushed™ stock. The USPCC is the best in the biz and are responsible for producing most of the household name decks including Bicycle, Bee, Aviator, and beyond.

Included in the deck are 52 standard cards, all featuring custom design from top to bottom and front to back, 2 matching Jokers, 1 blank faced card, and 1 double backed card.


Whether you're interested in a small batch of one-color posters or a large edition of multi-color fine art prints, our award-winning team is ready and equipped to bring your screenprinting project to life. Quality is our top priority. Check out some details and don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have questions. We'll be happy to help you out.


We have completed design and illustration projects for a diverse range of clients including Nike Sportswear, Target, X Games, 3M, Rhymesayers, Arcade Fire, Chromeo, Toyota, and many others. From logos to album packaging to posters to event branding, we would love to create the visual elements to help you develop your brand, promote your event, and add excitement to your business.