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Sounder Organ Playing Guide

2012 Apr by Mike Davis

Groovy sheet music book cover (unfolded) for the Hammond Sounder organ from 1973.

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2010 Oct by Burlesque of North America

This Friday, I'll be pulling back the curtains on my new monthly dance party at First Avenue's Record Room, home to Burlesque-approved dance nights of present day and yesteryear: Get Cryphy, Street Sounds, Honeymoon, and Let's Get Electric! Each second Friday, I'll be inviting a guest DJ to come spin with me. We'll be playing everything from hip hop to disco to dancehall to electro to Afro-funk to Miami Bass and all points inbetween. No gimmicks, no funny business, just big tunes, big bass, and big fun. My guest on Friday October 8th will be Jonathan Ackerman, a man who's made quite the name for himself around town, winning the hearts of dance-hungry music fiends at his own parties like Honeymoon and Hotel, plus as a guest at Wezz's monthly Bomp! party. Listen to / download the mix I put together for the party: EXTRA LARGE mix by Mike 2600 Check out the EXTRA LARGE blog for more free music and fun stuff. RSVP to EXTRA LARGE on Facebook.

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Arcade Fire vs. St. Paul

2010 Sep by Burlesque of North America

Sometimes the first show of a new tour can be nerve-racking for both band & audience. Not this time. The crowd was buzzing with anticipation as the lights dimmed and Arcade Fire took the stage with force. So much action to take photos of! These are a few of my favorites I snapped over the night. Many more can be found on my flickr HERE I'm having a really hard time coming up with the words to describe how much fun this show was. If Arcade Fire is coming to a town near you, do whatever it takes & go.

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Flatstock 27 @ Bumbershoot!

2010 Sep by Burlesque of North America

Back in Minneapolis after yet another successful Flatstock at Seattle's Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival! These poster conventions/music events are always a little overwhelming. So much to do & see, all crammed into a very short amount of time. I tried to sneak away during the work part of the day every once in awhile to capture some music shots & various Bumbershoot moments. Clickclickclick as fast as possible, then rush back to the Burlesque Flatstock booth to hustle those posters. Big thanks to the Larsen Family for putting us up again this year. So much appreciated! Here's a handful of some of my favorite shots from the weekend. Feast your eyes on the entire set of photos HERE. Booker T. Jones! Napping For America! Mike Davis Ollies! Georgia Anne Muldrow! Ozomatli!

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Jennifer Davis at First Amendment

2010 Mar by Burlesque of North America

Don't miss the grand opening of ""Spree - New Paintings and Drawings from Jennifer Davis"" Saturday March 27th at First Amendment Arts! Jennifer's biiiiig new paintings are gorgeous and we couldn't be happier to have them gracing the walls of our gallery! Tomorrow night we will also celebrate Jennifer's birthday with cupcakes, live music from The Book of Right On, plus DJs Mike 2600, Petey Wheatstraw, and WzzWnshp! ""Spree"" runs March 27 - April 20th at First Amendment. Grand opening is Saturday March 27, 7-10pm 1101 Stinson Blvd (corner of Broadway & Stinson in Northeast Minneapolis) free / all ages RSVP on Facebook

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BRLSQ VS AUSTIN 2010 in photos, part 1 of many...

2010 Mar by Burlesque of North America

It's Saturday morning and I'm beat so I'm short on words. The good news is it's been a very fun year here in Austin for SXSW and Flatstock. Here's some highlights from Thursday's art show at Obsolete Industries with the HazeXXL posse and our Do It To It Vol III party which I'll have to say was official turned out by Cubic Zirconia.

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It was Dre Day 2010 (And Everybody Celebrated)

2010 Feb by Burlesque of North America

It's February 19th, the day after Dre Day. Nevermind the 18th, today's the day that needs to become a federal holiday. No one's getting any work done and they really need the time to recover. Seems that people nationwide are choosing to celebrate all week long from the slew of parties that have been popping up! We don't even know who some of you guys are but keep spreading the Dre gospel far and wide. Also, get in touch so we can send you stuff! We're gonna put up a world map and stick pins in for each town that's started observing Dre Day. Or maybe a globe so we can spin it. We really haven't thought it through. Kinda like when we first thought of Dre Day back in late 2002. Here's an exclusivo interview I did with Tigger at that goes into the Dre Day origins. BTW If you're in Chicago, your celebration is tonight! With Psalm One at Darkroom. Here's a few of Ben's photos from last night at the Triple Rock. Check out his Dre Day 2010 MPLS flickr set for way more. The entire BRLSQ crew was there and had a ton of fun, maybe too much (...the phrase ""Wes! I'm drunk! Gimme the keys to the truck!"" may or may not have been uttered.) Everything went smoothly with setting up, Triple Rock staff was their usual great selves, and the crowd was hellbent on doing nothing but partying all night. Oh, and next year? February 18th, 2011 aka Dre Day falls on a Friday. *Also, keep up to date with Ben's awesome photos with the handy flickr feed on the left. It used to be linked to mine but I haven't uploaded in ages. Once I start adding stuff again, I'll put mine back up. Ben shoots a lot more than party photos too!

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The Official Dre Day mix is here!!!

2010 Feb by Burlesque of North America

Our man Jimmy 2 Times put together one hell of a mix dedicated to the even mainier man right now - Dr. Dre. One of the DJs performing at this Thursday's Dre Day at Triple Rock Social Club, Jimmy blew the roof off with this one! If you have even one grain of appreciation for the doctor, download this right NOW and get in the spirit! We are just ONE DAY AWAY from Dre Day! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or you can also grab the mix from our BRLSQOTHEQUE podcast! Go grab your advance tickets for Dre Day at - don't get left out in the cold on Thursday!!! Tracklisting for the official Dre Day mix 1. Jimmy2times - Dre Day Intro 2. Blackstreet f/Dr. Dre - No Diggety 3. 50 Cent f/Mobb Deep - Outta Control(Remix) 4. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg - Tha Next Episode 5. Snoop Dogg - What's My Name 6. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg - Deep Cover 7. Snoop Dogg - Tha Shiznit 8. Dr. Dre f/Knoc'Turnal - Bad Intentions 9. Dr. Dre - Let's Get High 10. Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice 11. N.W.A. - Gangsta Gangsta 12. N.W.A. - Fuck the Police 13. The D.O.C. - It's Funky Enough 14. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg - Little Ghetto Boy 15. Dr. Dre - Let Me Ride 16. Snoop Dogg f/Xzibit - Bitch Please 17. Dr. Dre - What's the Difference 18. Dr. Dre f/Hittman - Ackrite 19. Snoop Dogg f/Tha Dogg Pound - Doggy Dogg World 20. Mary J. Blige - Family Affair 21. The Game f/50 Cent - How We Do 22. Snoop Dogg f/The Lady of Rage - G Funk Intro 23. Dr. Dre f/Snoop Dogg - Still DRE 24. Dr. Dre f/Kurupt, RBX & The Lady of Rage - Lyrical Gangbang 25. Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck 26. Eminem f/Dr. Dre & 50 Cent - Crack a Bottle 27. Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi

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What 2009 looked like

2009 Dec by Burlesque of North America

What happened this year? I thought about doing some top 5 lists but nobody wants to read those and people always want to question them and get all judgmental. Does anyone who looks at this blog care if I loved Inglorious Basterds or can't think of any good albums that came out this year off the top of my head? Here is a multimedia chronological look back at some of my memories from 2009. First, I traveled to our nation's capital with my good homie Joe (A.K.A. Bitch Ass Darius) to try to look at the inauguration. This is about how close we got: Joe and I returned home and got real serious with our glockenspiel band, New Kids On The Glock: As a gigantic icicle melted outside our building, our office flooded the week before Dre Day! Ain't no punk ass icicle gonna stop us! Survived yet another brutal winter in Hoth Minneapolis: We rang in another SXSW with our second DO IT TO IT vinyl record, release party, and promo video: Eric Inkala, John Grider, Isaac Arvold, and Keiko Yagishita rocked our First Amendment Arts gallery with their Almost Homeless show. Syl Johnson put on an incredible performance at Numero Group's Eccentric Soul Revue in Chicago: I got to design the poster for the show as well: Traveled to Vancouver BC for a DJ gig and was floored at how gorgeous the city is. My Kidrobot Alphabet keychain series was finally released and I couldn't have been more excited: As part of Walker Art Center's ""Don't Sleep On It"" 24 hour art-making marathon, we led a roomful of high schoolers on a 3-6am adventure filled with building a wall of giant speakerboxes, overlapping video and slide projections, and plenty of BASS! Went to Sedona Arizona for my brother's wedding, stayed for the crystal healing sessions, wizard potions, and magnetic spiritual vortexes... brah. Added another Bonnaroo poster to our repertoire: One week after Michael Jackson died, I was in New York and ended up at an MJ tribute night hosted by the great DJ Spinna. It was one of the best all-Michael DJ sets I've ever heard and one of the most intense experiences I've ever had while listening to a DJ spin. I'm talking like... religious experience level shit here, people. Had to switch gears from Michael to Prince to DJ at the Purple Rain 25th Anniversary dance party at First Avenue. We were honored to have Minneapolis' Mayor R.T. Rybak attend, share his thoughts on Minneapolis' rich musical history, and then hand First Avenue a custom-made key to the city! I spent a year staring at international postage stamps and used all that inspiration to design the packaging for my buddy BK-One's new CD ""Radio do Canibal."" Autumn kicked into gear and things like this happened: The whole BRLSQ team helped put together a crazy art installation at SOO Visual Arts Center for the super cool ""Non-Consensual Constructivist Post-Dada Cerebral Warts"" show with Haze XXL and Aesthetic Apparatus: King Otto and I rocked the crowd at 7th Street Entry for another Halloween night all-oldies Monster Mash dance party! The art school at Illinois Wesleyan University hosted Wes and I for the weekend as we installed and opened our largest gallery show yet, simply titled The Screenprinted Work of Burlesque of North America. My dude Emynd released a digital EP of my music on his Crossfaded Bacon label. ""Ready to Rock"" is my first ever solo EP and I made a video to promote one of the choons: We cut our teeth in the craft fair scene at the No Coast Craftorama. Expect to see us at many more arts & crafts-related events in the near future! We bout that craft, son! 2009 was a year of big changes both good and bad for myself, Burlesque, and my friends. I'm looking forward to a clean slate in 2010 to see what great things will come for everyone. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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Our Holiday Bonanza is this Saturday!

2009 Dec by Burlesque of North America

Come celebrate the start of the holiday season with Burlesque! Our halls (aka First Amendment Arts) will be decked with some of our finest screenprinted posters and artprints, we'll be stringing up Christmas lights and serving up mulled cider and egg nog. Dance to the music of the Wants VS Needs DJs, playing all evening! Marvel at an array of screenprinted rock posters and fine art prints, hung up right where it was created! There's even going to be a few new items just in time to get slapped on the walls. Enter our first ever Coloring Contest! Color in awesome Burlesque line art right in our studio! Get free stuff made by us! Pick up inexpensive, unique holiday gifts for everyone on your list! RSVP on Facebook * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1101 Stinson Blvd (at Broadway & Stinson in NE Minneapolis) 7-10PM All ages FREE View Larger Map

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Baroness visits the Triple Rock, Baizley visits BRLSQ

2009 Dec by Burlesque of North America

Last Friday brought the Baroness boys to town. They played a stellar show at the Triple Rock and managed to drop by BRLSQ HQ before hand as well. We put John to work signing his prints, including our version of Phanton Limb which will be going on sale super soon! We'll post images for that momentarily as well. Until then, check out Ben's photoset from the night on his flickr page.

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Flatstock 22!

2009 Sep by Burlesque of North America

Our Flatstock crew has returned to our desks and our presses after a fun filled weekend at Bumbershoot. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth, shared drinks and laughs with us, the wonderful Larsen family for putting up with our posse, Sarah Silverman!, the folks at API for putting together another great Flatstock event, and all the great musicians we saw at Bumbershoot. Here's a small photo gallery of our time in Seattle...more can be found at Ben's Flickr site... See ya next year!

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Back to the grill again

2009 Aug by Burlesque of North America

A big thank you to everyone who rushed our site for yesterday's big Phish poster onsale! We truly wish we had more prints available for everyone but we gotta work with what we got. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding - THANK YOU! We're back on the grind working on a bunch of new design and print projects, all of which will be available to you very soon! 1) Todd Bratrud's new art print based on his cover art for CLOUT Magazine issue 11. Ten-color screenprint job done by Ben LaFond. 2) Mike Davis' new poster for Fleet Foxes and Dungen's performance tomorrow night at The Metro in Chicago. 2 colors featuring metallic gold, printed by Petey Wheatstraw. We're gonna try to catch their Sunday night appearance at First Avenue! 3) CD and LP artwork designed by Mike Davis for BK-One's ""Radio do Canibal"" album. Rhymesayers will be releasing this collection of Brazilian funk-inspired hip hop beats featuring vocals from an all-star lineup of rappers including Brother Ali, Scarface, Slug, Freeway, P.O.S, Raekwon, Black Thought, and more. Be sure to check out BK's awesome hip hop mix on our BRLSQOTHEQUE podcast.

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2009 Jul by Burlesque of North America

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to our Let's Go Crazy party last Friday! We packed First Avenue with 700 Prince fanatics who sweated it out to DJ sets from me and Dan Speak. We spun nothing but classic Minneapolis funk all night, mixing all of the legendary Prince songs with bangers from Morris Day & The Time, Jimmy Jamm & Terry Lewis, Mazarati, Cherrelle, S.O.S. Band, Alexander O'Neal, and of course The Twin City Rapper! We were also blessed with a dance performance from Minneapolis' newest red-hot dance troupe The Velvet Whips, and some memorable and meaningful words from Mayor R.T. Rybak. Wezz's dad, Larry Winship, helped us build the Prince symbol-shaped key to the city, which Mayor Rybak presented to First Avenue on the occassion of the 25th anniversary of the release of ""Purple Rain."" What a night! photos by Wes Winship and B Fresh Mayor R.T. Rybak presents the new key to the city to Sarah Sandusky from First Avenue. The Velvet Whips heat up the stage.

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Gorilla Attack!

2009 Jul by Burlesque of North America

Our buddy Patty in Calgary manages a young rock group named Random Task Collective. She visited our Flatstock booth at SXSW 2009 and picked up a batch of Wes' King Kong t-shirts for the band, promising us a photo of the guys all decked out. Promise fulfilled! YES!!! Check out RTC's fun-filled rock at and pick up a King Kong t-shirt in our online store!

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Wants vs Needs

2009 Jun by Burlesque of North America

This Friday night myself and a couple of other local DJs/good peoples are throwing a dance party at Club Jäger in Minneapolis. In an effort to add to the good times, we are giving away a limited number of mix cd's and t-shirts for FREE, so get there early to get your hands on some free thangs. You can find more info about the night on our blog. Big thanks to the ever impressive Adam Garcia of The Pressure for designing the flyer/logo for us. Don't forget to download Espada's half of the mix here. See you Friday! Friday June 19th Club Jäger 923 Washington Ave N. 10pm FREE

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New Bonnaroo poster onsale today!

2009 Jun by Burlesque of North America

Today we're putting our new poster for Bonnaroo 2009 up on our online store. Designing for Bonnaroo is always an interesting challenge in that there are dozens upon dozens of band names to include. This makes prominently featuring any of the artists difficult, so, having designed three other Bonnaroo posters, we usually push the band names off to the side or the bottom and let some kind of type or imagery take center stage. This year I wanted to try to make the bands jump out and be the stars of the poster and came up with the idea to represent each group with an illustrated icon. Some of them are literal (David Byrne's white jacket), some are inside jokes that only fans of the band will know (Phish's vacuum cleaner), some are references to song titles (Yeah Yeah Yeah's ""Gold Lion""), and others just came to mind when thinking about the artist (an anvil for the American musical workhorse Bruce Springsteen... THE BOSS). For visual inspiration, I was looking at a lot of scuzzed-out and worn-down illustrations like the ones found in those 1970's magazine ads for selling greeting cards and getting hovercrafts and ham radios. Also, check out these bizarro Mexican dust bags. Here is the rough sketch I submitted to the folks at the festival to show them the direction I was planning to take: Here are some detail shots of the printed poster. Bennie did a top notch job making sure all the roughed-up nooks and crannies came out nice and scuzzy. Note the metallic purple ink! The poster goes on sale at 2pm Central time on the Burlesque online store. Don't miss out! Have you re-signed up for our newsletter? If you want to stay up on all the Burlesque news, poster releases, and events, make sure you're subscribed for our all new mailing list. See the right-hand column of our website and get crackin'!

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Fuck Work

2009 Jun by Burlesque of North America

I recently finished the cover artwork for the debut 12"" single from NY's brand new acid house / deep dance music supergroup Cubic Zirconia. Signed to the Savant Guard label, Cubic Zirconia is headed up by our dude Nick Hook, one of the main brains behind the NYC Dre Day festivities. It's summertime. Go outside:

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Formidable Flat - the opening

2009 Jun by Burlesque of North America

Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening of Formidable Flat. Drew Peterson and Kristina Paabus truly transformed our gallery into a visual wonderland. We'll have some of the prints from the show available for sale on our website in the coming weeks and the show will be running in our gallery through June 23rd.

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Formidable Flat - Saturday!

2009 May by Burlesque of North America

Drew Peterson and Kristina Paabus are hard at work installing their Formidable Flat exhibition in our First Amendment Arts gallery. This one is really shaping up to be something serious. Here are a couple of shots of Drew painting right on the walls. The show opens this Saturday, May 30th from 7-10pm. 1101 Stinson Blvd (corner of Broadway and Stinson in NE Minneapolis) We'll be screenprinting the last color of Drew's new art print LIVE at the opening! Stick around for a live performance by Doomtree's Cecil Otter, freshly signed to Sage Francis' Strange Famous Records! Here's the video for his song ""1999.""

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New Turntable Lab website

2009 May by Burlesque of North America

One of the best-looking online stores just got even better looking. Burlesque homies since day one Turntable Lab have just unveiled their newest website. What is this, the 5th one? Click on over and have a look. Be sure to check out the special Burlesque section for all of our posters, shirts, and sticker packs the Lab has available! Also, don't miss the classic Life Sucks Die Office Check!

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Couche Tard

2009 Apr by Burlesque of North America

Back in the Spring of 2006, I played an opening DJ set at Spankrock's show at the 7th Street Entry while they were on tour supporting their awesome (then brand new) album ""YoYoYoYoYo."" The group's three DJs gave me a copy of their side project mix CD entitled Couche Tard, named after the chain of Canadian convenient stores. It's a solid hour of wild beats, electro-funk, and Huey Lewis. Right up my alley. Three years later, the DJs in question - Devlin, Darko, and XXXchange - asked Burlesque to create some artwork and screenprint the packaging for a reissue of the mix, which would also include a DVD with a video mix to go along with the entire audio track from the CD. Holy moly. Here's a look at the front cover of the CD. I knew I wanted to include the image of the Couche Tard owl character, but beyond that, they pretty much told me to go nuts with the artwork. I think XXXchange specifically requested that Dracula make a cameo appearance and I had no problem with that. Here's a shot of the packaging opened up with inserts for the CD on the left and the DVD on the right. Check out this preview video for the whole package, put together by the creator of the DVD, Caleb Bouchard (no relation to Couche Tard) of {&/or}: You can cop the Couche Tard CD / DVD from the Fully Fitted DJs at Turntable Lab.

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Eccentric Soul Revue pt. 2

2009 Apr by Burlesque of North America

Just got back from a weekend in Chicago to see the Eccentric Soul Revue. BRLSQ blog devotees will recall the poster I designed for the show a few months ago and typed about here. If you don't remember and don't feel like clicking, here's the poster: Awesome sign above the Park West Theater: The lineup for the night: Renaldo Domino. I was trying to get a good photo of his killer name buckle, but I'm no Wes Winship and my partytime photo skills are elementary. The Notations. Sweet, sweet soul in four party harmony. All of the singers were backed by Chicago's own JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, filled out with a string and horn section. They did a hell of a job of keeping the night not only sounding good, but flowing super smoothly from singer to singer. The man of the hour, Mr. Syl Johnson! He's an incredible performer. 100% dynamite. He performed a lot of songs I was hoping he would, including ""Conrete Reservation"" (which he's only done live a handful of times), ""Come On Sock it to Me,"" the breakbeat classic ""Different Strokes,"" and ""Is It Because I'm Black?"" Syl performing ""Come On Sock it to Me"" Make sure you're sitting down for this one... Syl and the Uptown Sound hit it TEN TIMES: Syl Johnson listing all the rappers who sampled the intro to ""Different Strokes"" The Numero Group merch table, featuring the Brotherman poster and the Eccentric Soul Revue poster, both designed and printed by us! The Eccentric Soul Revue poster will be going onsale at our online store this Thursday along with Aaron Horkey's INITFEST 2009 poster! Be there!

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Kutiman x Youtube

2009 Mar by Burlesque of North America

Not too long ago, I designed a 12"" label for our friends at Melting Pot Music for their new artist Kutiman, an afro-funk musician from Tel Aviv, Israel who plays all the instruments on his songs. The design was a two color typography workout and turned out about like this: Soon after, Melting Pot asked me to design Kutiman's full length album cover artwork. I loved all of the songs I'd heard from him so far and was really excited to get to work on it. It was a much more involved project: If you haven't heard Kutiman's music, it's more than worth a listen over at the Melting Pot website. We have copies for sale at our online store. So why am I bringing up an album cover I designed like two years ago? Well, Kutiman has just popped up and shared his latest project with the world wide webosphere. Rather than releasing an album on which he's played every instrument, he's released a series of videos on which he's playing ... everyone else's instruments. The project, entitled Thru You, is a series of funk songs made up from Youtube clips of people singing, playing drums, twiddling knobs on synthesizers, clapping their hands, playing trombones, cymbals, and hand drums. Kutiman takes his samples from every type of musician imaginable - old, young, white, black, male, female, amateur, virtuoso, even people using Youtube to sell their instruments on eBay, and blends them all together to make fully cohesive and mindblowingly on-point and enjoyable songs. You really have to see it to believe it. Here are a few favorites: The Mother of All Funk Chords: httpv:// Just a Lady: httpv://

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Jimmy 2 Times Brings The Dre Day Love

2009 Feb by Burlesque of North America

Here's a Jimmy joke about your Mama that you might not like: We heard she tried to front on Jimmy 2 Times. Check out our main man pullin' off a hoo-ride of a mix of unforgettable Dre classics in honor of our other main man's birthday celebration. It's amazing what one man can do when BRLSQ locks him in a room with a gang of weed and won't let him out till he's finished both the indo and the mix. What up 4am upload? Dre Day VII: Minnesota Love Tracklist- -Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - Fuck Wit Dre Day -2Pac - Can't C Me -The Game - Westside Story -50 Cent - Heat -Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin' -Lady of Rage - Afro Puffs -Snoop Dogg - Gz & Hustlas -NWA - Dopeman -Eazy-E - Boyz in the Hood(remix) -Eminem f/Dr. Dre - Guilty Conscience -Dr. Dre - Fuck You -Eminem f/Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, & Xzibit - Bitch Please 2 -Obie Trice f/Nate Dogg - The Set Up -Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - Nuthin But a G Thang -Dr. Dre - Housewife -50 Cent - In Da Club -Eminem - Role Model -50 Cent - Gunz Come Out -Dr. Dre, 2Pac & BRLSQ Gangstas - California/Minnesota Love -D.O.C f/NWA - The Grand Finale Length- 43min 42sec • Free BRLSQOTHEQUE Podcast subscription. • Just the direct link to Minnesota Love please.

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Blast From The (Doomed) Past

2009 Feb by Burlesque of North America

Just about three and a third years ago, grinding it out in the six floor spot in the Spice Factory. It was known as Auxiliary Studios, shared by BRLSQ, Amy Jo and Unitus. The piece I'm working on was for Southern Lord and their bands Sunn0))) and Boris for a string of special dates playing together, I believe for the first time on the West Coast. They were somewhere in the middle of the Alter sessions. Aaron aka A. Horkey did pretty much all the art on this one coming with the awesome tree with glowing Model T tube. I suggested having the tree radiating energy out to spectral figures to represent each band member (plus Joe Preston), around it's perimeter as if they were at a seance. O'Malley and Aaron liked the idea and incorporated it into the art. I then added the background sky, separated and printed that bootch with several different people helping me out by racking and cheering me (on like Mike in the video). Two separate editions for over 500 total prints with this image. We shipped them a bunch then Letta and I hit San Francisco for the Halloween ""Altar"" show there, dropping off another batch of prints while we were at it. The same day, we delivered prints to the Melvins who were playing with Jello Biafra and a bunch of other Alternative Tentacles bands. We managed to catch both Sunn0)) and Boris then head out and catch the Jelvins show too. Jeezus. Anyway, Sunn0))) and Boris liked the art so much, when it came time to release ""Alter"", they used it for the cover along with some elements for the tour poster we did for them the following spring. I'm thinking about bringing that hair back. Not the hand pulling of full sheets though.

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Minnesota Loooooove

2009 Feb by Burlesque of North America

In case you still haven't been convinced to come party with us at Dre Day, we offer you this promotional video, simply entitled MINNESOTA LOVE. httpv:// Music by Andrew Broder, Wes Winship, and of course Dr. Dre. Video edited by Mike Davis. Don't forget to RSVP on FACEBOOK!!!

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Do it to me one more time.

2009 Jan by Burlesque of North America

If you were at SXSW 2008, you hopefully dropped by our big ass dance party at Silhouette. We had a killer lineup of some of our favorite DJs - Dave Nada, Cosmo Baker, Smalltown DJs, Bird Peterson, DJ Mel, Prince Klassen, and Burlesque's own Mike 2600 - rockin' it all night long. Nada and Cosmo wrapped up the night with an hour-long set of monster Baltimore club stompers and it was just insane. It was a stupid fun party. It was free to get in. Our good friend Drue from Silhouette really hooked it up for us! The DO IT TO IT night was also the release for our vinyl EP of the same name! Here's the promo video we hooked up for it: SO, it's just about time for SXSW 2009 and of course we're gonna do the party all over again! Be sure to visit for links to all the different DJs' sites and to RSVP!!! More info and fun stuff coming soon!

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2009 Jan by Burlesque of North America

Preliminary sketch for The Blinding Light's forthcoming full length album, Junebug, to be released via INIT Records spring 2009. Expect an art print...

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New P.O.S album

2009 Jan by Burlesque of North America

Followers of the indie rap universe are hopefully familiar with Minneapolis' own P.O.S. Our homie since day one, we've had the chance to work with Mr. Pissed-Off Stef on a number of occassions. In 2006, we designed and printed his ""P.O.S is Ruining My Life"" tour poster. Here's P.O.S autographing one of the last available copies of said poster at our 2008 SXSW Flatstock booth. He was one of the musical acts at the very very first art show at First Amendment Arts back in September 2006 and he brought the rest of his Doomtree crew with him: Soooo yeah, our folks over at Rhymesayers Entertainment are just a few days away from releasing ""Never Better,"" the new album from the rapper we've been blabbing about this whole time. Not only is the music super damn good (bonus factoid - Burlesque's DJ Mike 2600 did some scratches on one of the songs), but it also features far and away the best album packaging and artwork ever on a Rhymesayers release. Watch this... The art direction and artwork is by Minneapolis' Eric Carlson, a member of the Hardland / Heartland art collective (along with Crystal Quinn and Aaron Anderson). They have installed art exhibits at little ol' First Amendment as well big time Minnesota Institue of Arts and are responsible for some very creative and thought-provoking artwork. Here's the poster they created for their SERIOUS ART exhibit at our gallery. PS - you guys and gals can leave comments on our blog posts, so if you wanna ask a question or type a bunch of jibber jabber at us on any of these entries, go for it!

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Eccentric Soul Revue

2009 Jan by Burlesque of North America

As Bjorn mentioned earlier in our blog, we just wrapped production on a new poster for Chicago's great music archaeology record label, The Numero Group. Over the past several years, Numero has hunted and gathered some of the world's most overlooked soul, folk, psychedelic, and disco music from days of yore, repackaging and re-releasing CDs and LPs complete with thoroughly informative liner notes. Numero knows the importance of having great art to go along with great music and we have had the fortune to work with them for several projects, namely the Wayfaring Strangers compilation and the Brotherman soundtrack. One of Numero's best-known series of releases is ""Eccentric Soul,"" collections of songs from specific record labels or producers. Here's Ken Shipley from Numero Group with more information on the series and how it led them to put on a concert: ""Eccentric Soul is a series of compilations that take a long and thorough look at the secret life of soul. Motown, Stax, Chess... their stories have been told ad infinitum, but for every Berry Gordy there were 100 Ed McCoy's, and that's just in Detroit. We've covered scenes in Columbus, OH, Miami, FL, St. Louis, MO, Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, and Phoenix, AZ, but some of our best work has been done in our backyard: Chicago, IL. Twinight [Records] was one of those projects that couldn't have been done by any label outside of this city, at least properly anyhow. We pounded the pavement for two and half years, and even after the CD was in stores we kept turning up more information. The one constant thing was how many of their artists still performed or still wanted to perform. We had talked about a Live Revue before, but had always been inhibited by the expense of bringing everyone here. Twinight being here made it a lot easier."" To help promote the concert, Numero once again enlisted the help of Burlesque of North America and asked us to design and screenprint a poster for the concert in the vein of traditional '60s soul posters.This is a design universe that has always fascinated and inspired me, but I had never before attempted to design anything in this style before. So why make a poster in 2008 that looks like it's from 1958? Here's Ken once again with his take on it: ""Everything about the Eccentric Soul Revue has been inspired by the great revues of the past, from the outfits to the backing band to the MC to the room. We want the experience to be as authentic as possible. That includes the poster. When I contacted Mike Davis I gave him the direction to make the poster feel like it could have been hanging on a wall 40 years ago."" I started looking at those classic and iconic '50s and '60s posters to get a feel for layout, colors, and the general visual language. A couple of years ago, this Chuck Berry poster sold for $35,000. Wow. It's argued that it's the first poster to use the phrase ""Rock & Roll,"" making it perhaps the first ever rock poster? Of course I had Hatch Show Print on the brain too. Sooooooo here's what I came up with! These will be available for sale at the Park West Theater on April 4th and right here on our website afterwards! Wanna go see the show? Click here to purchase tickets. Still not convinced? Check out this Grade A footage of the fantastic Syl Johnson performing ""Any Way the Wind Blows"" back in 1975.

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Next week and beyond...

2008 Dec by Burlesque of North America

Usually, ever Thursday we have a new awesome item for sale in our webstore. But since next Thursday is Christmas day, we'll be wishing you a Happy Holidays instead. We do have some cool things in store for you soon though. We're going to have the 2nd edition of the Melvins vs. MPLS 3 CD set made available along with some of the recent Star Spangled Banner 7""s the Melvins put out on AmRep. To tide you over, check out the photo set I shot from their recent shows in Minneapolis. Last Saturday was a special encore after Big Business played at Triple Rock. Then Sunday, they played at Grumpy's Roseville. Nearly the whole staff along with David Choe & Co. made it to the Big Business show and were lovin' it. Speaking of David Choe (how's that for a subtle segue?), thanks to everyone so far that's picked up the ""Exodus"" print. A lot of blood, sweat and tears, mostly Ben and Bjorn's, went into the making of this one and it's been great getting so much attention for it. We're going to be posting some little features on it in the next couple weeks. Bjorn will be giving everyone a more in depth look on how a print like this comes together color by color. I'll be putting together a slide show of some of the unique additions David drew, dripped and otherwise made on each of the prints. Also, a few people inquired about possibly setting up a payment plan. We know this is a pricey piece so if anyone would like to set something up, please email

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