Tyler Stout / Cohen Morano: The Rest Is Up To You print

Tyler Stout / Cohen Morano: The Rest Is Up To You print

Our very first project with the über-talented Tyler Stout! In early 2009, Tyler created this fantastic illustration, intended for the front cover of Cohen Morano's art book "The Rest is Up to You." The publisher ended up using something else for the cover (bummer!) and we jumped at the chance to produce Tyler's incredible illustration of Cohen and his wild imagination!

A little backstory: Cohen is the son of our friend, illustrator and "Gangsta Rap Coloring Book" author Aye Jay Morano. Over the course of several years, Aye Jay collected Cohen's drawings and watercolor paintings and mailed them off to his artist friends, who were asked to add their own artwork in with Cohen's. Eventually, a substantial collection of these collaborative pieces were amassed, including submissions from Shepard Fairey, Chris Ware, Gary Baseman, Mark Ryden, as well as our own Mike Davis and Todd Bratrud. An exhibit of the best pieces, entitled "Dessert," was put on at our First Amendment Arts gallery and this book followed shortly thereafter.

Each print is hand-embellished by Cohen, who brought the entire run of posters to life with wild and brightly-colored splashes of watercolor paint. No two are like!

These prints are signed by Cohen and unnumbered.

There is a sold out edition of prints which were signed and numbered by Cohen and Tyler Stout in an edition of 150.

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