Todd Bratrud: Familia

There are two main audiences for this newest example of Todd Bratrud's art print prowess: those who are really stoked about Steve Nesser returning to the Twin Cities and opening Familia Skateshop and those who want to put a lovely piece of art on their walls that will help their cranially-conjoined twin children with a stabbing problem feel that they are a normal, integrated part of society - so much so, in fact, that their ilk have been immortalized in high culture. Okay, maybe there's a third audience: those of you whole love vaguely twisted and totally kick ass art prints, especially those that are drawn by Bratrud, screenprinted in 6 colors by Winship, signed and numbered on the front in an edition of 101, and so very scarce that Burlesque only has like 20 of 'em to sell. You know who you are!