Smurves: Full Set

Smurves: Full Set

As you may have deduced from some of his previous sticker and print designs, Todd Bratrud is a pretty huge fan of The Smurfs. In fact, he LOVED them as a kid and still does to this day. If you keep up with his #fromthedeskoftoddbratrud hashtag on Instagram, then this should be no news to you! Lucky for all of you, Todd is sharing his love in the form of this new set of art prints entitled "Smurves."

There are four prints in this series, available here as a complete set:

Copper Top (red head)
Cupcake (brunette with glasses)
GNAP (purple blond) 
Betty (skater)

11 x 17" (each)
7 color screenprints on acid-free, archival paper
signed & numbered by Todd Bratrud

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

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