Modist Brewing can design

After a successful first year run of making beer in their brand new downtown Minneapolis facility, Modist Brewing entered the world of canned beer. They approached Burlesque to have us put our magical touch on designing the labels for their first two tallboy can releases, First Call and Dreamyard.

Currently the #1 ranked pale lager in the world on, First Call is a celebration of everyone's favorite AM beverage (coffee) and favorite PM beverage (you guess it). It's a 24 hour beer with a 24 hour visual component. Mike Davis captures the historic confluence of coffee and beer by exploring visualizations of day vs night, light vs dark, and the sun vs the moon – all depicted in stark black and white graphics.

This is a hazy, juicy American IPA, created almost entirely of oats and wheat. A "dreamyard" is imagined to be a place where original thoughts, dreams, and desires are grown and harvested into reality. In the Dreamyard artwork, Wes Winship builds on this concept by creating a psychedelic, mystical, colorful, and cool dream world.