Mike Davis Giclee prints

Three limited edition, collectible prints from our resident vector illustration wizard, Mike Davis.

Pillsbury A-Mill Complex
24 x 13"
A technical mouse-click workout highlighting one corner of Minneapolis' historic Mississippi River flour milling district.

Stacks On Stacks
12 x 12"
Here's something for all of the logo and sticker lovers out there. Layers and layers of icons, typography, and other BRLSQ-related memories.

Check Your Head
12 x 12"
Mike celebrates his favorite album of all time in minimal fashion. RIP MCA.

Everything In Its Right Place
12 x 12"
Cuckoo clock, crystal orb, books, and other odds and ends, all in their proper places.

Little City
12 x 12"
Mike's vision for the future is bright. Meet us in Little City!

I Only Have Eyes For You
12 x 12"
Sharply illustrated dark humor just for you.

12 x 12"
Care for a slice?

Giclée prints on Epson Hot Press Bright paper.
Signed + numbered edition of 20 prints per design.

Select Pillsbury A-Mill Complex
  • Pillsbury A-Mill Complex   $40
  • Stacks On Stacks   $30
  • Check Your Head   $30
  • Everything In Its Right Place   $30
  • Little City   $30
  • I Only Have Eyes For You   $30
  • Skullfruit   $30
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