Marald Van Haasteren: Wolfbrigade
Marald Van Haasteren: Wolfbrigade

Marald Van Haasteren: Wolfbrigade

A print from Marald Van Haasteren, designed for Swedish hardcore punk band Wolfbrigade's performance at Roadburn 2018. In Marald's own words...

"When I found out that Wolfbrigade would play Roadburn 2018, I knew I had the perfect idea for their poster. When I told them the concept, they were immediately sold and there was no need to show a sketch first, they knew that this was gold.

The art is a nod to the legendary band Discharge, whose "Never Again" 12" artwork featured John Heartfield's photo "The Meaning Of Geneva, Where Capital Lives There Can Be No Peace," featuring a dove impaled on a bayonet. When I finished the art, I realized it also could be seen as a nod to the now famous Metallica shirt design "Metal Up Your Ass."

12 x 27"
5 color screenprint on acid-free, archival, white paper
signed + numbered edition of 50 prints

Screenprinted by Sarah Schatz

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