Marald Van Haasteren mini prints

Three mini prints based on the original artwork of Marald Van Haasteren. Originally produced for the Full Bleed Exhibition in Tilburg, The Netherlands, April 2017.

All printed on mixed colors of French paper. Due to limited numbers of each paper edition, we are not offering the option to select paper / ink colors for each design. Paper variants will be hand-selected by us.

I Would Waste It On You (red heart / beetle)
8 x 8"
3 color w/metallic red on assorted French paper

Fern Wings (insect with fern leaves for wings)
10 x 8"
Metallic split fountain on assorted French paper

Strong Eye (winged skull with eyeball and psychedelic pattern)
9.5 x 11.75"
metallic split fountain in assorted French papers

All are signed by Marald Van Haasteren

Select I Would Waste It On You
  • I Would Waste It On You   $10
  • Fern Wings   $10
  • Strong Eye   $10
  • Set of All Three   $30
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