John Baizley: Phaedra art print

John Baizley: Phaedra art print

SOLD OUT. Thank you!

A brand new art print from John Baizley, created entirely from conception to completion in less than one week.

On Tuesday, October 27th, John first put pencil to paper. The next several days were filled with planning, sketching, inking, paper treating, and screenprinting before arriving at an edition of completed art prints on Tuesday November 3rd. See our blog post for a detailed look at the steps behind the creation of this print.

These prints will be shipped to John to be signed, numbered, and embossed. They will be randomly selected and shipped to you at a later date once John has returned them to us.

18 x 24"
Signed, numbered, and embossed edition of 53 prints
3 color screenprint on assorted treated paper

Each piece is one-of-a-kind.
We will be selecting and shipping them randomly.
No requests or exchanges please.

Screenprinted by Wes Winship

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