John Baizley Mini Print Sets

You might have seen these mini prints at a recent Flatstock or other poster sale event... or you might have seen a peek of one online. Well, now we're making these hot little prints available to you to order from the comfort of your own home!

Two prints included in these sets:
1) Facedriver (6.25 x 11.75")
2) Fleurskull (6.25 x 10.25")

Available online in matching color sets of both prints.
4 different color options:
1) Blue + Red
2) Orange + Teal (SOLD OUT)
3) Turquoise + Metallic PurpleĀ 
4) Pink + Green (SOLD OUT)

All prints are 4 color screenprints on French paper.
Screenprinted by Ben LaFond
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