Jacob Bannon x Thomas Hooper: Catalyst (Dark version)

Jacob Bannon x Thomas Hooper: Catalyst (Dark version)

This one is luck of the draw!

The fifth and final edition of prints created by Thomas Hooper and Jacob Bannon which debuted during our Full Bleed Exhibition in Tilburg, The Netherlands, in April 2019. 

Beginning with screenprinted background printed in our studio by Sarah Schatz, the artists painted on top of them, creating a vast array of heavily-textured, hand-painted images on thick paper. Finally, the feature image layers were screenprinted on top by Sarah.

The result is a wild collection of completely unique, one-of-a-kind prints, all signed and numbered by the artists in an edition of 100. The total run of prints is split into what we're referring to as the Dark Version and Light Version.

15 x 22"
signed + numbered with the Light version in an edition of 100 prints

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