Gayngs: Last Prom on Earth print

Minneapolis' indie-rock supergroup Gayngs made their live debut at First Avenue last weekend at the much-hyped "Last Prom on Earth," a CD release for their album "Relayted." Comprised of members of Bon Iver, Solid Gold, Doomtree, Megafaun, Roma di Luna, and all stitched together by Digitata / Building Better Bombs' Ryan Olson, Gayngs creates smooth and sultry adult rock with zero irony... it's sort of like being stoned while in a hot tub on a yacht.

The Last Prom on Earth was bananas - hundreds upon hundreds of Twin Cities rock and leisure enthusiasts dressed up in '80s prom wear to sway to the sounds amidst custom cocktail napkins and a balloon and confetti drop during Gayngs' last song. As if that wasn't good enough, Prince (yes, THAT Prince) was in the building and was standing backstage ready to join the band onstage for a guitar solo. Why didn't he come up to rock with them? "You didn't need me," he told Gayngs.

Grab this poster designed by Wes Winship and printed by Ben LaFond for the rock group so good it doesn't need Prince! It's a hot sweaty mess printed on shiny metallic paper.

19 x 25"

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