Cubic Zirconia: Fuck Work record release print

Cubic Zirconia: Fuck Work record release print

Mike Davis designed this poster for NY's newest acid house / disco / dance rock explosion supergroup Cubic Zirconia on the occassion of the release of their newest single "Fuck Work." It's the perfect Summer theme song.

Mike was also in New York to DJ at the show, spinning disco and funk alongside Chico Mann's Brazilian Afrofunk sounds, DaM-FunK's vintage space boogie, Head Automatica's digital dance rock, Kool Hersh's classic disco sounds, DJ Assault's booty-shaking bass err... assault, and of course Cubic Zirconia, who blew the roof off of Santos Party House with an explosive stage show.

19 x 25"
3 color on French steel blue paper
Signed and numbered edition of 300

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

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