Black Swan: Brassknocker Hill edition

Black Swan: Brassknocker Hill edition

When Baroness' bus flew off of a bridge in England in August of 2012, we were all shocked. When we heard about all of the injuries the band members sustained, we were saddened. When we heard our posters survived the crash without a single scratch or dent, we couldn't believe it.

Proceeds from the sale of this print went to benefit the band members' sky-high medical expenses.

18 x 24"
6 color screenprint on French Black Licorice paper
signed & numbered by John Baizley

250 prints were produced for Europe.
#126-250 were involved in the crash - These are the 'Brassknocker Hill edition'.
Each print is paired with a special 8.5 x 11" numbered certificate of authenticity.

Designed by John Baizley and featuring Baroness' logo by Aaron Horkey.
Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

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