Arik Roper: The Sighting

Arik Roper: The Sighting

To some, Arik Roper needs no introduction. His work has become the look of the resurgence of heavy sludge and psych music the world has felt over the past decade. We've been fans of Arik's work for quite a while and have printed several of his posters starting with the Sunn0)) and Boris spring 2006 tour poster. When our buddy Mitch from approached us about an Arik Roper art print joint production, we jumped at the chance.

Here's what Arik has to say about the print: "The Sighting illustrates a metaphor of gaining insight and perspective from a new position. The Ice Age-era hunter and his Wolf companion represent the Mind in its unadvanced stages, wandering and laboriously ascending the mountain in search of nourishment. The floating Apparition represents the Revelation flash of the advanced Mind, gained from the new point of view and progress on the mountain. The encounter initially appears as a meeting of two separate entities but is ultimately a meeting with the self.

Signed & numbered by Arik Roper
Edition of 80

Printed by Ben LaFond

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