If you're going to submit art to us for a print job, please read over our requirements to make your project flows through our shop as smoothly as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our art requirements.

Approved File Formats

We accept Illustrator .ai or .eps CS6 or lower Adobe Photoshop .psd CS6 or lower

If your art contains a combination of Illustrator & Photoshop elements, send your final files as Photoshop documents with all elements set in place.

Make sure all fonts have been converted to outlines (Illustrator) or rasterized (Photoshop)


Photoshop art must be at a resolution of 300dpi


Bleed should run 1/8" past crop marks, no more, no less


Each color must be separated onto its own layer, set in the order they should be printed. We print lightest colors first and darker colors last.


Make sure to trap your colors where they touch or overlap. This means that if two colors appear butted next to one another, the lighter color should extend partially beneath any and all darker colors it touches.

Selecting Pantone Numbers

Our preferred method of color matching for your job is to use the Pantone matching system and its corresponding color books. We match our inks to the printed Pantone books under full spectrum lights to achieve the best possible results. To ensure no confusion between what you expect and what we print, we highly encourage all designers to pick their colors from the printed swatch books with full spectrum lighting for every color we are printing.

Please choose colors from the correct Pantone book for your job.
Posters: Uncoated Pantone Book
Metallic colors: Metallic Pantone Book
Pastel colors: Pastel Pantone Book

We understand that in some cases, not everyone has access to Pantone books. If you do not have access to Pantone books, we suggest sending either an accurate color printout or mixed color swatches (acrylic) for us to match. This will allow us to match the colors as close as we can under the right lighting conditions.

You may also choose to waive these options and request that we match to your digital proof. Due to the differences in monitors and the subjective nature of looking at a backlight screen compared to a reflective printed surface, we cannot be held responsible for perceived color differences between supplied digital files and final prints.