Skull Bloom
Beetle Bloom
Full Bloom
Michael Sieben: Bloom art prints

Michael Sieben: Bloom art prints

Well, we've been wanting to work with Austin, Texas-based skateboard artist Michael Sieben for a hot minute... and the day is finally here! Here are three all new mini prints from Mr. Sieben, described in his own words:

I drew this skull with foliage coming out of it because when we die, our bodies decompose and new stuff grows from our remains. And because skulls are tough and I'm trying to be tougher so that my kids will stop being so mean to me.

I drew this beetle with foliage coming out of it because I think beetles are scary and every time I see one, I think "Man, I wish that beetle would die and a flower would grow out of its carcass." Because, unlike my fear of beetles, I'm only a little bit afraid of flowers."

I drew this botanical illustration because a friend of mine dared me to draw something without a wrinkly-faced bug-eyed monster in it. I won and he totally lost. He's not bummed though, because he can still beat me at arm wrestling since I have the physique of a ten year old girl.

12 x 16" each
6 color screenprints
on French Speckletone Cream paper
Signed + numbered editions of 71

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

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