Upcycled Notepad
Upcycled Notepad

Upcycled Notepad

Here at BRLSQ, we believe in using all parts of the buffalo... or all parts of the paper at least.

We go through a lot of paper here in our shop. Most of it makes it through the printing process and ends up as beautiful screen printed posters. With all that custom printing comes plenty of blank paper trimmings. Rather than fill the recycling bin and increase the carbon footprint to turn blank paper into more blank paper, we’re making it available to you in sketchbook form right now! 

That's 30 pages of super tuff, thicc boi 100 lb paper enveloped with covers and section dividers and bound in-house. Wire-binding allows these super tuff sketchbooks to lay perfectly flat while you use them. The heavy white + off-white pages (the same 100# paper we print most of our posters with) are perfect for sketching, painting, collage, or jotting down ideas.

With different test prints used for the front + back covers and section dividers, no two notebooks are exactly alike!

3 x 5"
24 pages with screen printed covers
100#, acid-free, archival white + off-white paper
wire bound

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