Style Library: Expanded Boxcar Spur

Style Library: Expanded Boxcar Spur

We love a lot of things here at BRLSQ, not the least of which include classic lettering, hand-painted signs, and staying inspired. While digging through some old type books, we came across a few exemplary alphabets worthy of screen printing onto paper and sharing with you.

Here's EXTENDED BOXCAR SPUR, an ultra wide vintage typeface rescued from our archive of ancient alphabets.

Hang it on your wall for a splash of warm color and vintage style.

Drop a sheet of tracing paper or glass on top to practice your sign painting.

The best part? We’ve made these prints affordable to get good looking art into your lives at a great price. Buy any three Style Library prints for just $40! Discount automaticlly added at checkout.

24 x 18"
One color screen print on 100# paper

Enter code STYLE to save $11 when you purchase any three Style Library prints!

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