BRLSQ Spotlight Series: David M. Cook

On Tuesday, August 19th, we will be releasing "Given To The Grave," our first published art print with Los Angeles-based artist David M. Cook. We've had our eyes on his artwork for a hot minute and wanted to make sure everyone was familiar with Mr. Bonethrower as we count down the days until we unleash this beast!

Please introduce yourself to our corner of the internet.

David M. Cook is the architect of a mischievous microcosm. Amicable and unassuming, he hardly seems the “type” to consistently and skillfully crank out such a lewd labyrinth of work, but the cheeky hedonism comes all too naturally. Based in Los Angeles by way of Brooklyn, but originally from Louisville, Kentucky, David (who also answers to Bonethrower) uses no shortage of fine lines to design a world that is equal parts modern mysticism and memento mori—at the end of the day, it all sinks in like a psychotropic drug.

I have used this description a million times but I still think it sums me up pretty damn good.

We see the Robot Skull character making appearances in several different forms throughout your portfolio. How did this character come to fruition?

I am still not quite sure where this character came from to be honest. I have always had a love for all things to do with skulls and I think I finally saw that I had come up with a way of doing it that was all my own. A way to be able to endlessly play with it and develop it that I still have not grown tired of.

What were your drawings like as a kid and how do you see them leading up to art you're doing these days?

Man. Well. My drawings as a child were just these elaborate battle scenes with jets and space ships just destroying each other. They were super complex and weird. I am sure if a teacher had ever seen what I was drawing I would have been sent straight to the good old head doctor. I think that idea of battle and conflict still exsists in a lot of what i am doing. There was a series several years ago that was simply called "epic battles". I was either drawing war or palm trees so who the hell knows really.

Cities like Louisville, where you grew up, tend to have some bourgeoning scenes for punk rock, skating, and art. Did you experience this during your time in Kentucky?

I always say that I would not have wanted to grow up anywhere but Louisville. There was so much weird art and music around all the time. I got to see every band that I could imagine wanting to get to see there. We were so close to Chicago and Tennessee that any touring band came right on through. Let's put it this way. I got to see Fugazi's first show outside of DC with like 30 or 40 other people there. There were just so many great weirdos and characters around all the time. If you guys have not seen it I would highly suggest the new Lance Bangs Slint documentary. That is a pretty great look at what that place was like back when I was growing up there.

Any creative projects or media that you haven't tried yet but have been wanting to get into?

There are a million things I want to try and play in. Most I think will cost a lot to do so I either got to find away to finance it or find a good group of nut balls that are just down to see it happen and don't mind working for free. A good buddy of mine Pete Hilton makes these beautiful guitars and basses and we have been talking for a while now about me designing and him building these ridiculous heavy metal guitars and basses that would be made just so beautifully by him. They would all be totally playable and we would hang them on the wall as art then have a full band come in dressed in costumes based on my drawings and play just this shredding heavy metal and doom. Play three songs walk back over hang the instruments and then just walk out. I would just like to see the reactions that these monsters playing these beautiful instruments would be like. It just makes me laugh thinking about it.

Favorite places to eat in Los Angeles?

To be honest, I am still without a car here so my suggestions might not be the best. But Cactus Taco is incredible, this sushi place called Sugar Fish, and a great Thai food place called Song that just opened near my house. I have never had flavors like what i had there. It's all based on Thai street food I believe and is just incredible.

You have an unlimited budget to curate one day of an outdoor music festival and can book 8 bands / musicians / standup comedians / performers, dead or alive. What's the festival called, who is performing, and in what order?

This is my favorite question ever. Here we go in no particular line up order:
Minor Threat
Bill Hicks
Alice Cooper (only playing the first 3 records)
Nick Drake
Mitch Hedberg
David Bowie and The Spiders From Mars
The War on Drugs
Metallica with Cliff Burton

Name of festival: "The Fuck Was He Thinking"