DO IT TO IT: Food VS Love

In the grand tradition of such hit musical recordings as "Do It To It Volume 1," Do It To It Volume 2," and "Do It To It Volume 3" comes the latest smash mixed effort from disc jockeys Mike 2600 and Bird Peterson. This compact disc features a one hour mix of musical dedications to the two time-honored traditions of food and love. Both of these virtues are essential ingredients to a happy life and the two DJs pay splendid tribute to both of them. It will be up to you, the listener, to decide WHICH of the two is indeed the superior. Sound like a difficult decision to make? Fear not, for you shall be tapping your toes, basting your turkeys, and making sweet sweet passionate intercourse to your loved one throughout the disc's duration.

This disc will be available FIRST at our Do It To It party, Thursday March 17th 2011 upstairs at Silhouette (718 Congress Ave in Austin TX).