A celebration of the 808!

Today is August 8, also known as 8/08, so we figured today would be a pretty good day to celebrate one of the greatest and most influential musical instruments of our generation, the Roland TR-808 drum machine. Released into the world in 1980, the synthesized drum sounds featured a never-before-heard ultra low bass frequency which would go on to rattle speakers and forever change the spectrum of modern music. So turn your speakers UP and enjoy some of our favorite songs featuring the legendary 808!

Yellow Magic Orchestra "1000 Knives"
One of the first, if not the absolute very first, songs / performances to feature the 808.

Egyptian Lover, one of the godfathers of West Coast Electro.

Sir Mix-A-Lot "Posse On Broadway"
The 808 kick drum makes the girlies get dumb.

2 Live Crew "Throw The D"

Sissy Nobby "Runnin Booty"
New Orleans Bounce keepin' the bass alive and percolatin'.

Ludacris "How Low"

Major Lazer "Original Don (Flosstradmus remix)"