Cinco de Mayhem 2014: coming soon!

In May 2013, we invited over two dozen local artists to design and build their very own piñatas to be displayed and destroyed right here in our CO Exhibitions gallery. We saw everything from Viking ships to wild birds to DeLoreans to baby seals to Game of Thrones characters to oversized potatoes. Art lovers bought "Smash Tickets" for the rights to step up and swing at the piñatas and we ended up raising several hundred dollars for local food bank Second Harvest Heartland. It was one of the most fun and creative nights we've ever seen go down at CO ... and we wanna do it all over again!

Cinco de Mayhem 2014 is going down Saturday May 3rd and we want YOU to take part in it! Are you a sculptor, 3D artist, fashion designer, painter, cardboard enthusiast, or any other type of artist with a vision? Get in touch with us and contribute your very own piñata to this grand event!

Here are the rules:

1) Piñatas must be ready to hang. They should be fitted with a hook, loop, or other area where a rope / carabiner can be fastened. Make sure your hanging point is anchored securely to your piñata. We don't want it to go flying across the room with one hit!

2) Do not fill your piñata with anything flammable, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous. If the post office won't mail it, we don't want it on our gallery floor! This also includes any unwrapped greasy foods!

3) Be prepared for your piñata to be completely destroyed.

4) Gallery visitors will pay to destroy your piñata. Proceeds will go towards a charity of YOUR choosing.

5) Please drop off your piñata at CO Exhibitions no later than Monday, April 28th.

4) Have fun and be creative!

Sound like your kind of party? Drop us a line and get involved!