World Travel Alphabet Print

In 2007, my sister Susan's first daughter Hailey was born. I knew I wanted to give her a gift that I had made, so I designed what would become our Alphabet print. In 2010, when Susan had her son David, I designed him the Animal print. This past June, my brother Steven and his wife Samantha gave birth to their first baby boy named Lazlo, and I had to keep the tradition alive. I'm beyond excited to finally unveil the latest in this series of art prints dedicated to my niece and nephews, The World Travel Alphabet Print:

Sam and Steven are avid world travelers and I have no doubt that they'll be bringing Lazlo along with them on their future globe-trotting adventures, so I wanted to create something that would inspire some traveling and exploration.

I began brainstorming, sketching, and designing back in December 2012, shortly after I got the "WE! ARE! HAVING! A! BABY!" phone call. I slowly chipped away at all 26 cities for the next 9 months (no pun intended), refining the alphabetical list of cities and their landmarks, the appropriate illustration style, and all of the little details and nuances.

I brought a high quality digital print to Sam and Steven as a gift this past weekend, but Burlesque will be producing and releasing a 24 x 36" screenprinted edition in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our newsletter, blog, Twitter, and Facebook for all of the details as they develop, and watch for this one to hit our online store soon!