Baroness Tour Poster VII by Wes Winship

Today at a random time, we will be releasing Wes Winship's all new Baroness tour poster! Wes really brought the ruckus on this one, so we thought we'd show you a few images from the drawing table, all part of his creative process.

Here's the initial rough concept. The main layout and puzzle pieces are arranged, creating a skeleton for the entire poster.

The wings on the poster are based on actual real wings! They were actually originally part of Minneapolis artist Jake Keeler's piñata from our Cinco de Mayhem art show. Jake collected a pile of animal skeletal remains, spraypainted them silver, and arranged them into a hauntingly beautiful piñata. Wezz kept the bird wings, scanned them in, and added some shading and other hand-drawn manipulations.

Some of the shading details Wes painted to add on to the wings.

Wes has definitely been going hard with the watercolor portraits lately and this is no exception!

All of the interstellar imagery in the background was created by mixing together a couple of photographs shot by Wes a few years ago in our studio. In several small clear plastic dishes, he mixed food coloring into oil. By stacking the dishes on top of each other with a bright light source beneath them and photographing them from above, a gateway to a new galaxy was opened. Super trippy.