DJ Ayres ""Everything & More"" CD artwork

Here's a look back at some CD artwork I did for DJ Ayres last year. The mix is a grab bag of electronic, R&B, indie dance, pop, and rock, so Ayres wanted the imagery to be all over the place. I imagined his name broken apart and spilling out a whole world of characters and rainbows. Here's the sketch I sent him...

Ayres was into it, but had a few suggestions for even weirder characters and images to be included. Here are his requests verbatim: "Lego man with hair that looks like mine and a beard, Totoro or Cat Bus (I had to Google those), McDonalds Fry Guy, Harlem Globetrotters style basketball, a Smurf mushroom, a Mario star, the No Limit tank, something weird on a lunchbox, a Sleestak, fractals or galaxy in the very background" then updated it to "the lunchbox could have a Jungle Brothers style Africa medallion on it."

Done and done.

Well, he liked it enough to ask me to expand the artwork for the main graphic on his website.