Don't Play When It Comes To My BASS

Unless you've been living under some kind of rock, you know that tonight is 4 year anniversary party for our good dudes at Get Cryphy. The sound system in the mainroom at First Avenue is pretty well known as being ... well ... awesome. But our own Wes Winship wasn't gonna take "awesome" for an answer, so he decided to loan his collection of subwoofers to the crew. But that wasn't enough, so Wes decided to build THREE new dual subwoofer cabinets! With the woodworking help of his dad Larry Winship and the help of Sign Minds' CNC Router, the wood got cut and now Wes is fitting the speakers and getting them all wired up and ready to go. So yeah, on top of First Ave's already great sound system, there are going to be 12 additional 18" subwoofers blasting bass in your face tonight at First Ave! We'll give you the full report on Monday!