From the BRLSQ Vault! Sole / Pedestrian

While digging through our archives in preparation for our upcoming Now That's Paper art show at Amplified Art in Raleigh NC, we came across several older Burlesque posters which we felt deserved some shine and got packed up to head down South. One of those posters was Wes Winship's design for anticon's War On Self tour featuring rappers Sole and Pedestrian. It's a CMYK cyclone showing all of the conflicting thoughts in man's head - technology, music, death, Jesus, the devil, drugs, America... you know... the war on self.

This style of design would definitely play a huge role in inspiring future posters of Wes' like his Arcade Fire Toronto poster. Look at that lineage. Anways, here it is! Have a look, come see it live in person next weekend in Raleigh, and/or grab a copy from our online store!