From the BRLSQ Vault! Walker In The Rough

In late 2003, we were invited to design and build our very own mini-golf hole to be part of the Walker Art Center's 9-hole course in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in the Spring & Summer of 2004. The Burlesque crew at the time was myself, Wes Winship, George Thompson, and Skye Rossi. We came up with the idea that the hole would represent the game of life. The player could either take their chance shooting the ball up a ramp into a pachinko-style board (risking it all for a chance at fame and fortune) or just say "fuggit" and aim the ball for either a bland career in a beige cubicle or towards an eternity eating pizza and listening to heavy metal in your parents' basement. No matter which direction was chosen, the player was always greeted by the grim reaper at the end, cause hey, we all gotta go one way or another.

Along with help from Wes' father Larry Winship, we built this thing inside our tiny old studio (the old Life Sucks Die office) where there was hardly room for it. From conceiving and designing to sourcing materials to doing Mr. Wizard style physics tests to assembling the course at midnight in the pouring rain, this was like no other project we've ever taken on - a huge, crazy, creative learning experience. Click ahead to see photos of the construction, on-site installation, and opening reception at the Sculpture Garden.