Our David Choe print

Unless you've been dodging the news for the last few days, you probably heard that artist David Choe landed himself in a little bit of money. Either way, we're super happy for this super talented dude and can't wait to see what's next for him. Earlier this week, he told Howard Stern he was the best face-painter since Peter North and carried Barbara Walters around New York doing graffiti all in the span of about two hours. Not bad at all.

Back in December 2008, we had the opportunity to create one of our most ambitious screenprinted projects with David. He came to Minneapolis and looked on as we laid down the final 18th layer of ink on the screenprinted rendition of his "Exodus From The Land of Play" painting. Each print was then hand-painted and individually altered by David, making each print in the 76-print edition unique. Here's the video we put together documenting the making of the print:

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