Our new mural in St. Louis!

Our own Mike Davis and Wes Winship spent the first week of September painting a giant mural in Midtown St. Louis for the fine folks from Sinse Cannabis and The Kranzberg Arts Foundation. It was nothing short of a great feeling to be back in the city where Wes and Mike first met back in 1997 ... painting graffiti.

This is one of many new projects we'll be working on with Sinse Cannabis and hopefully just one of many collaborative murals Mike and Wes will be working on as well.

The two managed to bang out this 25 x 25 ft beast in 3 1/2 days in the grueling heat. The main outline was transferred to the wall with a video projector and traced with chalk. The image was so large that we had to shift the projector around and do it in five separate chunks. After that, we painted everything with spray paint.

Big thanks for the hardworking team from Kranzberg and Sinse for bringing us out and allowing the painting process to run as smoothly as possible. Extra thanks to Jeanna "Miss N Scene" for capturing some great video footage, Ian "Spicy Party Mix" for the super cool drone footage, and Task and DJ Crucial for the visits at the wall. So ... what should we paint next?