BRLSQ x World Street Kitchen!

We love food. You might have noticed that we've dedicated a lot of time over the last several years to creating art about food. (Life Sucks Die issue 6 cover? Lunch Show print? Mike's Burger Dunny? Jucy Lucy shirt? Food Pyramid print?)

Well, it's about time that somebody made food about our art! And when we say "somebody," we don't just mean anybody... we mean Minneapolis' very own world class chef and restaurateur Sameh Wadi!

Now through the end of June, you can visit Chef Wadi's World Street Kitchen in Uptown Minneapolis to order the Burlesque YumYum Rice Bowl of North America, a feast created in our honor! Inspired by our multi-layered test prints and off-the-wall poster artwork, this rice bowl is packed with stacks of explosive, eye-opening, and unexpected flavors that work together surprisingly well. Let's walk through this thing from top to bottom:

Crispy fried onions

Cilantro & green onions

Sweet pickled peppers

Togarashi (Japanese red pepper)

Fried egg

Beef burger stuffed with Pecorino cheese, Chihuahua cheese, and braised short rib

Tamarind sour cream

Umami fried rice with pineapples, garlic + ginger, and a custom umami bomb sauce!


Seriously, you need to come try this dish. Maybe we'll see you at WSK this month?