2022: Look Back At It!

We made it through 2022 and it wasn't that bad! We continued situating ourselves into our new stuio, we printed a lot of posters, we designed a lot of things, we painted a lot of murals, and something something something the friends we made along the way. Here's to more big and exciting projects in the new year!

Printing a face meltingly large amount of Circle Jerks tour posters.

Our debut print release with San Francisco's Emily Fromm.

Going BIG on our BXL manual printing press.

Jack Gregory's JOKER print. One of our favorite print projects of the year!

Our debut print release with LA's own Jay Howell. Two separate editions of prints, each hand-painted by Jay.

Sending our dear Jenna (A.K.A. Turbo) off on the next chapter in her design career.

Welcoming Adam (A.K.A. Mr. Band A.K.A. Fuck Yeah Man) to the print crew.

Wes painting a stunning loon mural at the Minnesota State Fair as part of Forecast Public Art's JOYFUL WORLD exhibit.

Super intricate Shawshank Redemption prints for artist Laurent Durieux.

Wes and Mike visited St. Louis and painted a giant mural for the Sinse Cannabis crew and Kranzberg Arts Foundation.

One of two prints we produced for local illustrator Nemo's series for the South Park 25th anniversary celebration.

Wes set up shop on the plaza in front of the Palace Theatre in downtown St. Paul to create Assemblage STPL, a mixed media reinterpretation of wayfinding and the history of the neighborhood.

The first of the posters we designed and printed for Phenom Gallery featuring Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns.

Our debut print with Minneapolis' rising talent Emma Eubanks.

Rounding out the year with our Midway Holiday Jam!