2021 Holiday Sale at our new studio!

It's been a lonnnnnnnng year and, at long last, there's a LOT to celebrate. We would like to formally invite you all to come check out our brand new print shop / work space and explore hundreds of items for sale from our vast collection of books, tools, art supplies, artwork, magazines, records, and industrial bric-a-brac, plus our entire catalog of screenprinted posters and shirts as well as stickers, Field Notes, pins, playing cards, and more!

Forget the mall and Jeff Bezos' big dumb website. Find all kinds of great treasures for all the cool people on your holiday shopping list while saying hi to your friends and exploring our fancy new digs with snacks, drinks, and good music.

We are now proudly located in the Northern end of the BroTex building at 840 Hampden Ave in the Saint Paul Midway. That's right in the Creative Enterprise Zone!