Mike Davis x Chank x Northeast Minneapolis

Click image for larger view

If you've been driving up and down Central Avenue any time in the last few weeks, you've probably noticed the big, bright CULTIVATE NORTHEAST mural, painted by our buddy Chank, commemorating the new community garden of the same name. After painting one wall, Mr. Charles Diesel Andermack asked our own Mike Davis to design a mural for the second wall. Mike chose some of his favorite produce that's growing in the adjacent garden and added a few gardening tools. Boom.

Chank and a crew of volunteers began applying the art to the wall over the August 23rd weekend. There are a few little touchups left, but other than that, this thing is just about ready to go! We're super excited to be able to contribute some artwork to a great neighborhood on one of the best (if not THE absolute best) streets in the Twin Cities.