New poster / Mike 2600 in NYC

New York New York! I'm gonna be up in your giant of a city later this week. Catch me DJing Thursday night at Santo's Party House for the Cubic Zirconia record release party. I designed the group's "Fuck Work" 12-inch single cover and also this here gig poster for the event. Screenprinted posters will be on hand at the show and also available on our online store after the 2nd.

Three color print on French Steel Blue paper... printed by Bennie of course. Get a load of that lineup. Where else in one single night at one single venue can you hear the ghetto tech and booty jams of DJ Assault, the early '80s cosmic boogie jams of Dâm-Funk, the electronic dance rock of Head Automatica, the acid house disco of Cubic Zirconia, and whatever the hell I end up spinning? What should I play?

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