Flyers of Yore

I was digging through my collection of old flyers and found a few I'd designed for our events. It's a shame that flyers are so quick and disposable now. Wish there more printed, collectible handbills like gig posters.

This one is for the Life Sucks Die Issue 7 release party at 7th Street Entry, December 2000. It was my first ever DJ gig in Minneapolis and was also on my birthday. Oh snap!

Here's one for Atmosphere, Eyedea & Abilities, and Sage Francis' "Fill In The Blanks" tour stop in St. Louis. My brother (Deerflesh) opened the show and I was his DJ. Super fun show. My friend (and radio show partner) Randy Brewer wrestled Slug in a puddle of Mr. Dibbs' vomit on stage. Wow. Click for larger view.

Flyer for my crew's weekly night at Upstairs Lounge. This is where I really cut my teeth DJing from like 1999 - 2002. Click for larger view.

We put on our own MC and DJ battle at The Galaxy in downtown St. Louis in September 2001. My friend Deep Dutta drew the boxer illustrations. This event kinda went off and I wish we had the chance to do some followup battles. Click for larger view.

A few months before I moved to Minneapolis to join Burlesque full-time, we put on an art show at a gallery in St. Louis. Aaron Horkey and Todd Bratrud came to town to help set it up and it was a pretty great collection of our paintings, drawings, skateboard art, and more. We even made a black & white zine just for this event. Make some noise if you have a copy!










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