Jacob Bannon: Fragments

Jacob Bannon and Wes Winship met at a Converge show at Minneapolis' Triple Rock Social Club on October 26th 2004. Wes and Aaron Horkey had created the screenprinted poster for he show and, shortly after, Wes approached Bannon about screenprinting his own artwork. Almost immediately, Bannon sent his "In Place Of Heart" artwork and a screenprinted edition was produced in the old Burlesque studio (in a now non-existent, dingy grain elevator near the University of Minnesota).

After several years of working together and the print projects becoming increasingly intricate and experimental, Wes and Jacob discussed the idea of producing a collaborative art show here at CO Exhibitions. The concept was to create as much dynamic work as possible in a limited amount of time. Four days prior to the show's opening, an Artist Arena™ was built and Bannon began creating textural experiments on various paper stocks using spraypaint, gouache, paper marbling, and other unorthodox techniques. From there, these sheets were screenprinted using some of Bannon's iconic imagery. The end result is a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork which fit together as families, but are each truly unique.

This show was produced in collaboration with Wes Winship, Ben LaFond, Sarah Schatz, Mike Davis, Jodi Milbert, Tiffany Wolff, Rhys Jones, Vanessa Plunkett, and Johnny Taillon.