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Synesthesia wrapup / New artwork from Mike Davis

2015 Nov by Mike Davis

This past weekend, we helped organize / particated in / celebrated the very first Red Bull Synesthesia event. Hopefully the first of many like it to come, Synesthesia is a multimedia art event which showcases artists who specialize not only in visual art, but also in music. Each artist is presented with the challenge of creating a visual art installation and also giving a musical performance which coincides with it.

For our portion of the event, Wes Winship painted a HUGE portrait of James Brown live on the spot while our own Mike 2600 performed a brand new DJ set alongside ... himself! It was 4 turntables for the price of 2 with the help of a pre-recorded video accompaniment.

We were all blown away by the huge and enthusiastic crowd, who filled up Solar Arts Building to see and hear brand new work from Angelo Pennacchio, Nicholas Perez, Jess Buns, Neal Perbix, and the Burlesque crew. Check out the #houseofart hashtag on Instagram for more images and videos.

Mike also displayed a selection of brand new paintings and hand-painted wooden treasures. The wooden pieces were designed by Mike using Adobe Illustrator, then cut out on our friend Joe Beuckman's CNC router, a machine he built himself from scratch. Whoa. They were then hand-painted by Mike. Take a look below and contact us if you're interested in adding any of these to your collection!

Magic House
acrylic + latex paint on hard maple
$500 SOLD

acrylic paint on hard maple
$200 SOLD

Wooden Dudes
acrylic paint on mixed wood
$45 each

spraypaint on wood panel

spraypaint on wood panel
$150 SOLD

Spray Can
spray paint on wood panel


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John Baizley's Phaedra art print

2015 Nov by Mike Davis

Today at a random time, we will be releasing a brand new art print from John Baizley. Entitled "Phaedra," this print was created entirely from conception to completion in less than one week.

Tuesday October 27: John arrives in Minneapolis. A model by the name of Elektra Cute came to our studio for a live drawing session where John worked out some sketches and began brainstorming ideas for a full print image.

Wednesday October 28: The full-size sketch begins.

Thursday October 29: Sketching is complete and inking begins.

Friday October 30: John finishes inking and Wes scans in the final drawing to prepare it for print, combining the final inked artwork with a detailed layer of John's rough sketch. Wes also begins creating one-of-a-kind custom backgrounds using a mix of spraypaint and other inks on assorted paper.

Monday November 2: Custom backgrounds are completed and three layers are screenprinted on top.

Tuesday November 3: The prints are trimmed and ready to be shipped to John for signing, numbering, and embossing.

Check for these prints to hit our online store today at a random time. They will be shipped out once John has signed and returned them to our studio.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes images from the creation of the Phaedra art print.

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Press Check at The Seventh Letter

2015 Oct by Mike Davis

On Friday October 16th, we'll be pulling back the curtains on our first ever Los Angeles art exhibit! At the world famous Seventh Letter Flagship Store & Gallery, we'll be presenting a wide selection of screenprinted work spanning our entire career. Expect to see prints not just from the immediate BRLSQ crew, but also pieces we've produced for a range of artists including...

Wes Winship
Mike Davis
Ben LaFond 
Aaron Horkey
David Choe
Jacob Bannon
John Baizley
Aaron Draplin
Ron English
Richey Beckett
Brandon Holt 
Deuce Seven

Looking forward to this one!

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We have completed design and illustration projects for a diverse range of clients including Nike Sportswear, Target, Arcade Fire, 3M, Rhymesavers, Kidrobot, Walker Art Center, Stones Throw Records, and many others. From logos to album packaging to posters to stage design, we would love to create the visual elements to help you develop your brand, promote your event, and add excitement to your business.

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