Vizie: I'm Here

Picking up where he left off with "Darling Nikki," artist Vizie continues the unofficial first person perspective story which unfolds in each of his Burlesque-published prints. From outside the train yard in "Hanging On The Fence" to the back of the taxi cab in "Out Of The Blue And Into The Black" to the mezzanine level of First Avenue in "Darling Nikki," Vizie's character now waits outside an apartment building in "I'm Here."

Is that Nikki in the window? Is the man in the car the taxi driver from "Out Of The Blue?" Vizie wants you to decide for yourself and let the story unfold as you fit. This exploration in graphic storytelling is produced in true Vizie fashion, bursting with fluorescent inks that come to life underneath a blacklight.

19.2 x 19.2" (made to fit in an Ikea Ribba frame)
7 layer screenprint w/a triple sideways split fountain and many fluorescents
on acid-free archival white paper
Signed + numbered edition of 120 prints

Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

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