Thomas Hooper: Lost In You

Thomas Hooper's tribute to Jacob Bannon's iconic Jane Doe image. Bannon's group Converge recently released Jane Live, an LP of the group performing their 2001 album live at Roadburn Festival 2016. The LP featured four different album covers from four different visual artists.

"Lost In You" is a series of one-of-a-kind prints based on Thomas' Jane Live album artwork. No two pieces in this series are exactly alike. Thomas painted and treated each sheet of paper and then our crew followed suit with additional painted layers before taking them to the press for one final screenprinted layer.

21.75 x 30"
Watercolor paper with top and bottom deckled edges hand-treated and painted by Thomas Hooper, Wes Winship, and Jodi Milbert.
1 color screenprint by Ben LaFond
signed + numbered edition of 65 prints

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