Personal Planner & Blank Notebook

Let's face it, your iPhone's battery ain't gonna last all day, plus sometimes you just need to write some things down with a real pen on some real paper. We've put together the perfect notebook for you to keep all of your lists, appointments, weekly plans, wild ideas, dates, and doodles all together in one book. There's places to jot down those restaurants and movies your friends keep telling you to check out, half a year's worth of weekly planner pages, games, plus enough blank sheets to contain all of the sketches you can dream up, all divided up and housed between our exclusive one-of-a-kind Burlesque test prints! Super clean, super slick.

5.5 x 8.5"

50+ pages, spiral-bound
Front & back cover printed on one-of-a-kind test prints. No two are alike!

Designed by Mike Davis
Covers printed by Ben LaFond