Deuce Seven: South Dakota Dream Home / Catching The Westbound - matching sets

Two brand new art prints from rail-riding artist Deuce Seven. These are the first prints we've done for Mr. 27 in a long time and we're excited to have his work back on our presses!

These are matching sets - both images with matching paper color and matching numbers. No substitutions please.

South Dakota Dream Home (bird facing right with house)
Catching The Westbound (bird facing left with train)

18 x 18"
One color metallic silver ink on mixed French paper
Signed and numbered limited edition of 100 prints (each design) split between various paper colors
Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

#1 - 36: Black Licorice paper
#37 - 72: Steel Grey paper
#73 - 84: Nightshift Blue paper
#85 - 96: Timber Green paper
#97 - 100: Plum Punch paper

Both prints are included in this item. Paper color and numbers will match.

Select Timber Green paper set
  • Timber Green paper set   $50
  • Nightshift Blue paper set   $50
  • Steel Grey paper set   $50
  • Black Licorice paper set   $50
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