Deuce Seven: South Dakota Dream Home / Catching The Westbound - individual art prints

Two brand new art prints from rail-riding artist Deuce Seven. These are the first prints we've done for Mr. 27 in a long time and we're excited to have his work back on our presses!

South Dakota Dream Home (bird facing right with house)
Catching The Westbound (bird facing left with train)

18 x 18"
One color metallic silver ink on mixed French paper
Signed and numbered limited edition of 100 prints (each design) split between various paper colors
Screenprinted by Ben LaFond

Available as individual prints or in matching sets (for matching sets, please use the MATCHING SETS item)
#1 - 36: Black Licorice paper
#37 - 72: Steel Grey paper

Available only in matching sets:
#73 - 84: Nightshift Blue paper
#85 - 96: Timber Green paper
#97 - 100: Plum Punch paper
Select Black paper - Catching The Westbound
  • Black paper - Catching The Westbound   $30
  • Black paper - South Dakota Dream Home   $30
  • Grey paper - Catching The Westbound   $30
  • Grey paper - South Dakota Dream Home   $30
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