Andrew Bird: Fall 2006 Tour print

Another great example of both the artistic shenanigans of Aaron Horkey and the printing prowess of Wes Winship and his team of highly-trained printing minions, our 2006 Andrew Bird tour poster is a great bookend to the 2003 version, and has the added bonus of including our friend Dosh. Coming in at 20 " x 33 " and 8 colors (including metallic gold ink), these are in an edition of 190, signed and numbered on the front, stamped on the reverse.

Second verse, same as the first! Well, not quite - the late fall version is still the same size, but has the color scheme switched up to reflect our Minnesotan fall sensibilities - as time wears on, the colors deepen, greens and golds give way to oranges and browns, and we're just about to "white season," which, of course, lasts around 9 months, give or take three months.

A smaller edition of 118, these are signed and numbered on the front with a gold gocco print on the reverse.