Aaron Draplin Minnesota: 'Natural' edition

Draplin puts it this way-

'Inspired by our undying love for “all things Minnesota.” Man, we love that state. We did a stint there in the rollicking, wild, late ’90s, wrapping a high-falutin’ graphic arts degree at the acclaimed Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Sure, the city had a hold on us, but we were able to get out of town a number of times. To the north, to the south, way out west and up and down that Mississippi River. We know Minnesota. Even Duluth!

The perfect item for that mountain shack, Hennepin apartment, south Minne bungalow, Northwoods lean-to, Bemidji compound, Redwing ranch or Blue Earth plot of land.'

24 x 29.5"
4 color on French Speckletone Natural paper
Signed and numbered limited edition of 400
Printed by Ben LaFond

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