Friday Sep 27, 2013 by mike

The things I notice while watching TV

The drop shadow on the left leg of the W is missing. Welcome to my brain.

Sunday Jun 9, 2013 by mike

Baroness tour poster III on its way to our online store!

If you're a loyal reader of our weekly newsletter, then you should already know about the new series of Baroness tour posters we've been screenprinting and shipping off to the band while they're back on tour. If not, well, here's the basic rundown... for the first time since their terrifying bus accident last Summer, Baroness is back on tour! John Baizley has designed the band's main tour poster, but has also curated a series of additional tour prints which have been showing up for sale at the shows, all of which are being screenprinted right here by the crew at Burlesque. One new poster is released every four or five nights.

Poster I was designed by Paul Romano and poster II was designed by Jeremy Hush. Poster III was designed by our very own Mike Davis and is out on the road with the band right now!

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Thursday Apr 18, 2013 by mike

Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie

While I was in Cambodia this past March, I became fascinated with the Khmer alphabet and the signs featuring those letters (See my earlier post about the signs and visuals I found in Cambodia and Laos). While shopping in Phnom Penh, I found a great book entitled Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie filled with photographs of signs found in Kratie, a small, rural city in Central Cambodia. Check out a few pics from the book and then order a copy! It makes a great companion to the popular Faythe Levine & Sam Macon Sign Painters book released last year.

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Flatstock 8 print
Artist: Wes Winship, Mike Davis, Todd Bratrud, Aaron Horkey, George Thompson

This print from the Flatstock at SXSW 2006 was thought to be long sold out. We recently unearthed a nice big chunk of these and are making them available to YOU!

This is the only print which features contributions from Wes Winship, Mike Davis, Aaron Horkey, George Thompson, and Todd Bratrud all on the same page at the same time. Definitely one for the Burlesque history books! All of the letters were assembled by Wes, who also printed this beast just before hitting the road for Austin.

26 x 20"


Monday Oct 29, 2012 by mike

Cool old signs

I'm never not taking photos of handpainted signs, logos, or other design artifacts when I'm walking around. Here's a batch of recent images I've come across. Enjoy!

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Mike Davis Logo Anthology Miniprint
Artist: Mike Davis

More logos! Here's a collection of logos, type experiments, and other graphic noodlings by our resident vector wizard Mike Davis, all compiled into a cozy cluster and printed up in six colors for your viewing pleasure. We even threw in some metallic gold ink to really seal the deal. This will fit perfectly in your cubicle, kitchen, studio, VIP booth, wine cellar, foyer, meat locker, dungeon, or anywhere else you like to hang up prints.

7.5 x 11"
5 color screenprint on French Butcher Blue paper
Open edition signed by Mike Davis
Printed by Ben LaFond

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Monday Jan 23, 2012 by mike

BRLSQ Spotlight Series: Justin Thomas Kay

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to our very first Spotlight Series interview with James White. We're picking up right now with episode two, shining the spotlight on our friend Justin Thomas Kay. Justin first came into our radar in 2004 when he phoned up the Burlesque office to ask us to create an editorial illustration of rapper Common to be featured in Complex magazine. From there, we quickly fell in love with his type and design skills and we've stayed in touch over the years, collaborating on several projects under his art direction. Read on!

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Thursday Jun 30, 2011 by mike

A Conversation with Michael Manoogian

Whether we know it or not, we all grew up with Michael Manoogian's design work in our lives. Since the late 1960s, Manoogian has been hand-crafting stunning and time-tested typographic logos for clients in the music and entertainment industries. In May 2011, his name appeared in my email inbox. Out of the clear blue, this legendary letterer had written to express his appreciation for my So Much Pileup blog. I humbly asked Mike for an interview for the site and, not only did he oblige, but he was also generous enough to send over a large number of his original sketches from some of his projects. And now, with no further ado, I present this exclusive interview with the great Michael Manoogian.

Please introduce yourself and explain what you do.

I fell in love with graphic design while studying at Rhode Island School of Design. I’ve been involved with it ever since. I dabbled in everything there, design-wise – posters, book covers, ads, photography. But it was lettering that caught my interest the most. On a scale of 0-10, interest is at the top.

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Monday May 9, 2011 by mike

Yankess Stadium Wearable Menu

Designer Jun Kanai created this typographic uniform for waitresses at Yankee Stadium to wear.

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Mike Davis Mini Prints
Artist: Mike Davis

It's a whole pile of brand new and classic designs from Mike Davis, all screenprinted and ready to be hung up in your studio, cubicle, library, salon, foyer, porch, master bedroom, or parlor. You get all six prints: Pyramid World, The Beast, Raccoon, BRLSQ Holdup, BRLSQ Viking, and the original Twelve Car Pileup logo from Mike's first freelance graphic design outing in 2002 just before moving to Minneapolis to join Burlesque.

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