Tuesday Oct 8, 2013 by mike

Mike 2600 Presents Episode I: Music Everywhere

Today I launched the first in a brand new series of videos filmed right here at CO Exhibitions by our friend Matt Visionquest from Playatta. Mike 2600 Presents is a showcase of short DJ sets comprised of blends, scratch routines, and snippets from my various Red Bull Thre3style routines. Have yourself a look!

Friday Mar 1, 2013 by mike

Help me get to LA for the Red Bull Thre3style US finals!

I recently competed in the Red Bull Thre3style DJ competition and placed third in the Midwest Regionals. This makes me eligible to advance to the US finals, but I'll need your help!

Listen to my mix below and please vote for me right here! It takes just a few seconds.

MIKE 2600 - USA - 2013 RED BULL THRE3STYLE - MIDWEST REGIONAL by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud

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Tuesday Jan 8, 2013 by mike

Red Bull Thre3style comes to Minneapolis

Over the last few years, Red Bull Thre3style has emerged as the numero uno DJ competition across the planet. Whereas most DJ battles have focused primarily on technical abilities and tricks, Thre3style is a search for the best party rock DJ. Read More

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